How to get Money from Home? Practical and Simple Ideas

Previously, when we referred to a work at home, we usually thought of the work that our mothers did to take care of the home. However, nowadays , working from home has become a practical method of earning money without sticking to a fixed schedule, being able to be your own boss and without investing large sums of money in renting a place.

However, what makes you want to work from home the most is the fact of being close to your loved ones , in a comfortable environment and working on the projects you want. Although these reasons that make you want not to leave home, are the ones that can lead to failure if you do not maintain a balance.

Therefore , how to earn money from home in a practical and safe way? In a very easy way . In this post I will give you some useful tips to successfully start your projects at home, as well as the most profitable ideas to work from the comfort of your home regardless of whether you have experience or not.

Can you make money from home online?

If you have perseverance, perseverance, commitment and discipline, definitely if you can earn money from home online . It may be hard to believe since the web has been used many times for scams, but if you work with the right pages and the right means, you can work safely.

earn money online from home
Thanks to the internet, more and more people can work from home (or from anywhere)

With the invention of the internet, technological progress has allowed a significant expansion in the labor field, allowing more and more people to decide to work from the comfort of their home, either working for other people or for themselves, regardless of the their age or the country where they live.

The great executives have seen this way of working as an advantage to save a lot of money by avoiding the hiring of workers who must comply with a set schedule, paying for a place and/or investing in administrative expenses; That is why they are looking for a staff that works from home through short and punctual hiring.

If you work this way, you will get a relatively constant income. On the other hand, if you want to work under your own rules acting as your own boss, there are many pages that offer money in exchange for certain activities that do not require experience and you can do it at any time of the day.

But keep in mind that you will not make money overnight with the web, so do not believe in fairy tales that promise you to get money quickly . As in any job, regardless of whether it is at home, you must invest time and persistence in order to see satisfying lucrative earnings at the end of the month; if you don’t have patience in this world, you will get a certain failure.

Tips for success when working from home

When we start a job, we always want to achieve its satisfactory completion. To achieve success when working from home, it is necessary to follow a series of tips that will allow you to achieve the objectives set,such as earning money.

how to earn extra money from home
Work from home successfully by following these tips

Manage your money

It is the first thing you should do when you decide to start working from home, and even more so when you are going to start from scratch. If you have a job from which you want to retire to start working at home, either by creating a business or through the internet, I recommend that you calculate how much money you will require not only to invest in said business, but also how much you will need to cover your personal expenses for a few months  or as long as it takes until your business starts to give good results.

So before you give up your source of income, save as much money as you can to support yourself until your work from home starts paying off.

Create your workspace

Once you decide the type of work to be done, you must define what space in your house you will have to carry out said work.

Your office should be a functional place for you. So he has to have an organized, clean desk and with the work tools at your disposal; a comfortable chair to avoid health problems and adequate lighting that allows you a good view without straining your eyes, especially if you work at night. Sunlight can help keep your spirits up in the morning and increase productivity.

It is important that it be a space free of distractions.  You must avoid interruptions by people who live with you during your work hours, as well as use the cell phone to make calls or messages that are not related to work activities.

Organize your time

The lack of organization of your work hours will lead you to fail in every project you start from home.

Therefore, even if you are going to work from home, it is important that you create a work schedule that helps you manage your time better, since it is very easy to get distracted by housework because you will think that you can finish the work at another time. Plus, it’s a great way to create a routine or stick to it if you already had one.

Take advantage of the hours in which you are most productive and establish that time as your work schedule ; whether it is the morning, afternoon or night, that will be the time where you will focus only on work tasks.

In my opinion, nothing like the morning to work: your mind is more active and agile because it has rested the night before.

But, regardless of the day you decide to work, do not abuse the work . Working more than 8 hours in a row leads to physical and mental exhaustion, which would be equivalent to a decrease in productivity.

My other advice for this point is that you design an agenda with all the activities you have to do on a day-to-day basis so that you don’t miss anything. As well as a calendar with the delivery dates of each project , so you can see what your deadline is to complete the work and manage to finish it on time.

Set priorities

Once you have chosen your workday, it is time to set priorities. Deciding which jobs to do first will help you succeed when working from home because you’ll focus on getting each project done without mixing up personal tasks.

With the help of your diary and/or calendar, organize the projects giving priority to those that you have to deliver soon or those that you have to spend more time on, so that you complete each of them on time.

Likewise, you must prioritize the activities in which you have the best performance because these are the ones that you will be able to carry out quickly with success , without getting entangled in those that will cost you more time, effort and possibly money.

Ideas to earn money from home without experience

We are all good at something, so the lack of academic preparation, age or even not having enough money to invest should not stop you from wanting to become an entrepreneur and have your own business.

Today it is feasible to work from home without having any work experience, you just need to have determination when starting a project . Next, I will give you some practical ideas to turn your home into a source of money.

1. Renting a space in your home

If you have a lot of space in your house, an excellent way to take advantage of it is to rent it. Nowadays, people look for a place to stay that is cheaper than the popular hotels, so if your rooms have a good structure, are well conditioned and have their own bathroom, rent them to travelers who are passing through , whether they are tourists . , students or professionals. A good place to do this is undoubtedly Airbnb, check out this simulator to get an idea of ​​how much you can earn by sharing your accommodation.

If the space you own is larger, such as a garage or porch, they can be used to create small businesses where you would earn a profit by renting these spaces monthly.

On the other hand, you can enable these places to establish your own business where you would earn a percentage by renting part of your service . For example, you can enable the garage to open a hair salon where you would rent each stylist a chair to use your space, or reinforce it to rent them as a storage place.

2. Buying and selling products

Why not transform the oldest activity in the world into your new way of working. Buying and selling products is an ideal way to start working from home , especially if you are a person with a knack for sales.

You can start your business in two ways. The most classic way is to buy a product or item at a low cost and resell it at a higher price, making a profit on the difference . To achieve success with the purchase and sale, you must look for a product that is at a good price, that is in demand and that you know about; Generally, men choose automobile or mechanical items, and women makeup and personal hygiene items.

On the other hand , you can also enter this world by selling products made by yourself . If you are good with crafts or know how to prepare some handmade product, don’t think about it anymore and put your creativity into action. Here you will have to invest in the raw material and give your creations some publicity, but if you offer quality and personalized products, people will continue to look for you to get more from you, making great profits by establishing yourself in the market.

Now , how to sell your products from home? Very easy. You can have a space in your house to create or store the products, and another space to display them, thus turning your house into a physical store. You can also create a web page or E-commerce to sell them , this being a virtual store that allows you to expand your business.

But keep in mind that e-commerce is not easy to carry . You must implement a good digital marketing strategy to position your virtual store in web search engines and thus obtain a better visualization of it, to guarantee a good financial return.

3. Selling your culinary skills

If you have a good taste and you like to cook, take advantage of your culinary skills and open your own food business. You can make money from home by running your own catering business, cooking the sandwiches in your own kitchen and distributing them upon delivery . The entire contracting business can be done by telephone or through a website and/or social networks.

If you are more of homemade food and your house has a good location, it is better to venture into a small family restaurant, cafeteria or even a toy store. Although the investment is much higher than catering because you have to prepare a large part of your house to recreate a space suitable for the public, with it you can see daily or weekly profits.

If you do not have the necessary staff to prepare food in large quantities, you can also prepare a small amount of food that you can sell from your home , such as breads, sweets, cakes, pies, homemade butter, even juices of different flavors; There are many mangares that you can create and sell, just choose the one that is most delicious, fall in love with your acquaintances and start doing business with other food establishments.

4. Taking care of children and pets

This has become a very feasible business to work at home, as people need someone to watch their children or pets when they go to work or even when they go on a trip.

You will need an investment to enable a relatively large space for the care of children and pets, as well as to buy toys for their entertainment and food for their respective meals.

Perhaps the beginning is difficult because it is not easy to trust strangers to take care of your children or pets. The best way to gain credibility is to start with friends and neighbors who need your services , so you will gain a good reputation among their acquaintances.

If the business prospers, you can include more services and hire more staff, in this way you will create a profitable business that will produce monthly income, working in your own home and in something that you like.

5. Investing in the stock market

You may think that you need to be an expert investor or stockbroker to be able to work in the stock market, however, this new digital age has allowed anyone with access to the internet to work in the stock market and earn good profits.

Currently there are many websites or brokers where you can invest in the purchase and sale of shares, currencies and/or assets, offering you all the pertinent information in real time, so that you do not miss any investment opportunity.

However, just as you can win large sums of money in the blink of an eye, just as quickly you can lose all your income capital, or even more. That is why I recommend that you prepare as much as you can before entering this world.

On the internet you can find endless information that will help you use all the available tools to interpret all the information offered by the markets. In addition, brokers have simulators based on real trades and fictitious money so you can practice buying and selling an asset.

So get informed, practice and join the stock market game, become an expert investor and earn a lot of money in the process without leaving your home.

earn extra money
Whether you are a professional or inexperienced, you can earn money from home.

Ideas to earn money from home being a professional

If you are a professional and you cannot find where you can practice your profession, or perhaps you already have a job but it does not meet your expectations, do not worry, since from the comfort of your home you can also generate monetary earnings doing what you like most without be accountable to anyone.

Also, if you have discipline, perseverance and patience, you can create a profitable business . Keep reading and you will know the most feasible current ideas to earn money at home being a professional.

1. Offering your knowledge

With the cyber age, the area of ​​teaching has expanded unimaginably . It is no longer necessary to go to a specialized school or go to a library to obtain some information from experts, because the web offers it to you in several possible ways.

If you are an expert in an area and want to offer your knowledge getting some profit in return , you can become a tutor or teacher giving your teachings in two ways: teaching online through tools such as Skype, or recording a complete course and selling it on the web. .

In addition to not investing any money in the process of creating the classes, you can take them at the time that best suits you; just make sure you have a quality camera and microphone, and a good internet connection.

Another way to sell your knowledge on the web is through an e-book . This product is similar to the online course, only it is through words and much easier to create. Once you have the complete product, you just have to put it on the internet to sell it.

Following the trend of writing, you can translate your teachings into words through articles that will be published on your personal blog . Here you will not earn money directly with these articles, with this you will only get the visibility and followers you need on the web to earn money by selling advertising space.

The best platform to get money this way is with Google Adsense . Google is responsible for putting advertising ads according to your content and users in the available spaces, so that you get an income with each click they make on them.

On the other hand, if you do not have internet access or you value personal classes, you can set up a space in your home and recreate a small classroom. In the same way, you will establish the schedule of your preference and admit the number of students you can, earning money for each student who attends; what changes is the initial investment you have to make to design the classroom area.

To be successful with these ideas, it is important that the topics to be taught are relevant to a consuming public and of excellent quality , so that they pay for your knowledge, encourage other people to buy it through good reviews and provide you with an income. constantly generating fame in the market.

2. Being a Freelancer

Freelancing is the activity that today is generating more profit on the web . Although anyone can work as a freelancer, clients generally look for people who are experts in a certain area.

There are many freelance web pages that are reliable and where you can offer your services, Workana being  the most popular in Spanish speaking .

Every day, these platforms offer hundreds of projects. Generally, the areas that are most in demand are those that have value on the web, such as Application Creation, Web Developers, and Web Page Designers. Other most sought-after experts are those with knowledge in Writing, Translation and Review of Articles, followed by Graphic Designers.

A profession that has been on the rise as social networks are establishing themselves more strongly on the web is that of Social Network Manager or better known as Community Manager . They are in charge of managing these platforms and interacting with visitors to create a community of followers, turning these professionals into highly sought after people in certain companies.

If you have some experience in the fields of work that I mentioned, you can easily achieve success as a freelancer , always remembering to demonstrate your knowledge in professional quality work.

3. Selling your photographs

An excellent idea to generate income with your photographs is to create a photographic studio in your home . Although it can be somewhat expensive because you must not only enable the area where the photos will be taken, but also prepare the dark room for their development, not to mention professional cameras, lenses and lights to obtain excellent quality images. It is a business that can be profitable in the medium term.

If you do not have the capital to invest in the photo studio, you have the opportunity to sell your creations online . Many image banks offer you a space for you to publish your photographs to the various companies or companies that need an image to create their advertisements.

You will not get big profits, but you will get a good entry of extra money . Just make sure you get images that are unique, attractive and of good quality so that you can sell them quickly.


Earning money from home is a reality, although it is not a quick or easy way to do it, using the correct tools and creating a suitable environment you will also achieve success.

In this article, I have shared with you some tips that from my point of view will help you achieve your goals working from home. I also told you about the solutions to earn money from home if you have no experience, or if on the contrary you are a professional and want to take advantage of that knowledge you have.

In addition to these ideas, if you are just starting out and are interested in earning income online, here are some recommended articles:

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And you, do you think it is possible to earn money from home? Leave me your answer in the comments

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