How to Earn Money From YouTube in 2023

If you too how to earn money from YouTube? If you are looking for (How to Earn Money From YouTube in 2023) then let us tell you, in today’s time there are immense possibilities of earning money through YouTube! You can earn a lot of money from the YouTube platform which you would never have imagined in your dreams!

Yes, it’s absolutely true! Anyone in the world can earn money from Youtube! You must have heard the names of famous Youtubers Carrie Minati, Bhuvan Bam, Nisha Madulika, Prajakta Koli, Yash Raj Mukhte, Amit Bhadana etc.

These Youtubers are earning millions of crores of rupees from YouTube! If you also want to earn famous and good money like them, then nothing can be best than Youtube platform!

Primarily, people think that the primary source of earning money through YouTube is advertising! However, you can still earn money when users buy premium subscriptions to your YouTube channel and there are many other ways that we are going to tell you below!

In this article, we will make you aware of different ways to earn money from YouTube!

If you are thinking of opening your own channel and becoming a YouTuber, follow a good idea with patience and commitment! Surely you will see amazing results!

To earn money from YouTube, you mainly have to follow some things –

How to Make YouTube Channel

If you have made up your mind to earn money from YouTube, then it is obvious that first of all you have to create your YouTube channel!

So let’s know step by step without any delay how to make YouTube channel after all!

Step 1. You will need a Gmail account to create a YouTube channel! First you go to YouTube and log in with your Gmail there!

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After logging in, you can create your own YouTube channel by clicking on the Create Channel menu!

Step 2. Once the YouTube channel is created, you will need to do some basic settings!

To make your YouTube channel professional, think of a unique name for your YouTube channel and design a logo too!

Also, Make Sure Who Will View Your YouTube Vedio

Step 3. Once the YouTube channel is created, your job is to create the video! Video making is a very important job because all your earning is based on your videos!

Step 4. You have to make sure that your video can be viewed by most of the age group!

The better and more informative videos you make, the more people will like your videos!

Step 5. Take special care that you only upload videos made by you on your YouTube channel! Do not upload your videos that are copyrighted!

Step 6. After uploading the video on YouTube channel, do not forget to share it on your social media!

If your videos are unique and good then people will slowly start liking them! Due to which gradually the views on your videos and subscribers on your channel will start increasing!

Step 7. When your videos start getting more views then you can earn a lot of money by following many ways on your YouTube channel!

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Ways to earn money from youtube

Below are some of the ways for you to earn money from Youtube! Today the biggest Youtuber is earning money by following these methods!

If you also follow these methods to earn money from YouTube, then you will definitely be able to earn a lot of money!

1. Earn Money from YouTube by Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money from YouTube! Youtubers earn millions with its help!

To earn money from Affiliate Marketing, you can go to Affiliate Program like – amazon, flipkart, sanpdeal, clickbank etc. Join us!

After joining, prepare an affiliate link for any product you want to sell here! Then put the affiliate link of that product in the description box of your YouTube video!

Whenever a person buys that product by clicking on the link given in the description box of your YouTube video, you will get commission!

2. Earn money from YouTube by placing ads for Google AdSense

The most famous way to earn money from YouTube is by using Google Adsense! No matter how Youtuber is, he always takes the help of Google Adsense to earn money from YouTube!

To earn money from Google Adsense, you will first have to monetize your YouTube channel with Google.

For Monetization On, you go to the settings of your YouTube channel! There you will see the monetization settings, enable (on) it!

After this you create a google adsense account from your gmail! With this, ads will start coming on your video! After which your earning will start! The more people who see your video, the more you will earn!

3. Earn Money From YouTube By Sponsorship

Sponsorship is a very good way to earn money from YouTube! To earn money from sponsorship on YouTube, it is important for your YouTube channel to be popular i.e. your subscribers should be more and your videos should get good views!

Let us tell here that you can apply for sponsorship only if you have 5000 subscribers on your channel! When you get sponsorship, you start getting a lot of money!

4. Earn Money from YouTube by Product Review

Product review videos are very much in trend these days on YouTube! You can also earn good money by doing product review of any company on YouTube!

If you have more subscribers on your YouTube channel and you get a lot of views on your videos, then many companies will also sponsor their products to you! With which you will start earning very handsomely!

5. Earn money from YouTube by merchandising

Nowadays Merchandise has also been added to the ways to earn money from YouTube!

If you have a good number of subscribers on your YouTube channel and you get good views on your YouTube videos, then you can print your logo or if you want, print your face on any t-shirt or cups and put it in the description box of your YouTube video. can sell!

If people are your fans, they will happily buy it so that you can make a decent income!

6. Earn money from YouTube by doing Super Chat

You must have seen famous Youtubers live stream many times! During this, many people ask questions in the comment box to join them or for any query!

Sometimes there are so many comments in these live streams that Youtuber is unable to pay attention to all the queries! Therefore, some people pay money to highlight their queries so that Youtubers get to see their queries! In such a situation, Youtuber easily gives answers to their queries! This is what is called Super Chat!

Youtubers make a good income from the money they are paid for highlighting their queries!


If you also want to earn money from YouTube, then follow the above mentioned methods properly!

We hope that our today’s article How to Earn Money From YouTube in 2023 has been helpful for you! If yes, then don’t forget to share it on your social networking sites!

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