How to earn money from Spice Money 2022

Make Money in Spice money 2022: The world is becoming digital day by day, now you can see every work has become digital in any sector, whether it is railway station or banking. Often I have seen that we also do our small or big works digitally, whether it is to deposit electricity bill online, recharge Dish TV or do some shopping for ourselves, friends, in today’s article.

I will I am going to tell you about one such portal, today I will tell you about Spice Money, what is Spice Money? How to take Spice Money CSP online , How to become Spice Money Agent ? Get complete information in Hindi.

What is Spice Money?

Spice Money is a kind of online digital portal under which you can easily avail B2B (Business2Business) and B2C (Business2Customer) services.

In our daily life, we have many such works which we have to get done online like getting Aadhar card, PAN card, Votar card, Driving license, Income certificate, caste certificate etc., we can do all these work with the help of spice money. It can be done very easily.

Along with this, Spice Money also provides you facilities like booking train tickets, Dish TV recharge, Bus Tickets, Mobile Recharges, Bill payments, Online Transactions, etc.

If you take a Spice Money franchise, then you can easily start a Mini ATM services for Transactions in your city, you can also earn money from Spice Money, read the full article for its information.

What is Spice Safar? What is Spice Safar?

It happens many times that you do not get approval for the services of CSC, in such condition you can easily earn good money sitting at home by starting your business with Spice safar.

You also get many such services in Spice safar which are rarely available in CSC?

Aadhar enables payment system is provided to you in Spice Safar, with the help of which you can easily do online transactions with aadhar card.

How to earn money from Spice Money? How to Make Money Spice Money 2022?

Friends, if you become an agent of Spice Money, then you can earn money very easily with the help of Spice Money portal.
Now every person has to get things like Aadhar, PAN card, Recharge, etc. done on time-2, so if you are Spice money agent then you can easily do all these work with the help of spice money portal and from customers. You can take money for these services, which is what everyone does these days.

By becoming a Spice Money Agent, you can earn a good commission sitting at your home, if you want to know how much commission is given on which services on behalf of Spice Money Commissions list, then for that you need to read the entire article.

How to apply SPICE MONEY AEPS CSP Online in 2022?

First of all let us know what is Spice Money AEPS, full form of APES, Aadhar Enable payment system , this means that your Aadhar card has now become your ATM, as per the instructions of the government a few days ago. It was said that linking Aadhar card with bank account is mandatory, since then you and I started linking your Aadhar card with the bank.

With the help of this AESP, you can easily withdraw money from your Aadhar card anywhere in any country.

Spice Money CSP Online Apply Procedure

Spice Money is growing very fast in India, in this you are provided the facility to use all types of services. With the help of Spice Money CSP, you can earn from 20000 rs to 30000 rs very easily sitting at home.

spice money registration

To take Spice Money CSP, you first have to send your PAN Card, your Aadhar Card, Email Id, your phone number and a photo by filling up a form, I am providing this form to you, you can take a print out of this form. In this you have to fill up all your details.

Documents Required for Spice Money Portal

To take Spice Money Csp, which are the various documents you will need, let us know.

  • Aadhar Card with Your signature
  • Pan Card with your signature
  • 1 Photogarph
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Id

Spice Money Commission list Various Details in 2022?

After registering in Spice Money, when you become a Spice Money agent, then I am providing you the list of commission you get for selling services, you can see here.

Let me tell you one thing clear that the commission of Spice Money keeps on changing from time to time, for more information and updates of commissions, you can visit spice money official website.

Spice Money AEPS Commission Table Plan – 1 Details

Services Amount Slab Commission ( In Rupees )
200-999 0.50
1000-1499 1
1500-1999 3
2000-2999 4
2500-2999 5
 3000-7900  7
8000 And Above 10

Spice Money Commission List Chart 2020 Plan – 2 Details

Services Amount Slab Commission ( In Rupees )
200-999 0.50
1000-1499 1
1500-1999 2
2000-2999 3
2500-2999 10
 3000-7900  5
8000 And Above

Spice Money Various Services full details?

Many services of Spice Money are available for the customers, let’s know about some services.

  • Banking Services
  • Payment Services
  • All Bill Payments & Recharges
  • Travels Services
  • Digital Services

How to login in Spice Money?

To login to Spice Money Portal, you have to follow some simple steps, let’s know

First of all, you go to the official website of Spice Money and you will see the option of Login in the right side here, you click on this option.

Now when you filled up your User ID and Password while registering, fill it up and simply click on the Login button.

Now you are easily logged into Spice Money, you can use the services of Spice Money.

Spice Money Portal Full information?

Spice Money Portal provides you the facility of all those services of daily life, with the help of which you can easily book any of your Documents, Recharges, Train and Flight Booking services from your nearest Spice money CSC center.

Which 2 services are provided to you in Spice Money Portal, let’s know some information about it.

  • Money Transfer
  • Bank balance Enquiry
  • Money Transfer overall in India
  • Railways Tickets booking
  • Hotel Booking
  • Air Ticket booking services

Some other services that Spice Money Portal provides to you.

  • Make aadhar card
  • Pan card making facility.
  • Voter ID card making facility.
  • Train ticket booking facility.
  • Withdraw money through ATM.
  • Aeps i.e. Aadhar Enable Payment System. You can take the facility of withdrawing money from Aadhar card through Spice Money.
  • hotel booking .
  • Airplane ticket booking facilities.
  • Facility like Lic and Insurance

What is Spice Money B2B? Know the complete details of B2B Spice Money?

B2b Spice Money means Business 2 business. To know the information of B2B Spice Money, you can go to the B2B portal very easily by clicking on this link and from that you can easily login to the B2B portal by completing the registration process.

What is the Spice Money Registration Fee? let’s go

If you are required to register in Spice Money portal to use all these services of Spice Money, then I would like to tell you that if you register in Spice Money then you will have to pay 1500 rs registration fee, then you have to go somewhere.

Spice Money User ID and Password will be provided. After this you will have to pay a charge of 59 rs every month, only then you will be able to use Spice Money.

Let me tell you clearly that the registration charge of Spice Money keeps on increasing and decreasing from time to time, so for its update, you can get all the information by visiting the official website of Spice Money.

In Spice Money, you can do the registration process in two ways, Free and Paid. You do not get that much services in free plans, but if you take paid plans, then you also get commissions from Spice Money for selling services.

I will provide you the commissions list, you can see the commissions from this list.

Advantage of Spice Money all info?

Spice Money has many advantages, let me share some advantages with you.

  • The One-stop Shop for all Digital & Financial services
  • Easy onboarding on our platform
  • High earning potential
  • Secure & Reliable technology platform
  • Trust of Spice brand
  • Business opportunity with minimal investments

Spice Money App full details?

If you want to use Spice Money in your Smartphone, then Spice Money app is available in Play store, you can easily use all the services of Spice Money with the help of this app.

Spice Money App Download just Click this Button Now

Spice Money Customer Care Number?

To know all the information about Spice Money customer care number, you can get the information by calling on this number.

Spice Money Social Media Important Links Details

I am providing you the links of all the important Social Sites of Spice Money, you can visit all the Socials Media Platforms from here. 

  • Spice Money Facebook Link Click It-Facebook
  • Spice Money Twitter Link Click It-Twitter
  • Spice Money Instagram Link Click It-Instagram
  • Spice Money Linkedin Link Click It-Linkedin
  • Spice Money Youtube Channel Link Click It-YouTube Channel

Spice Money Various Careers Options?

To know the information about various career options of Spice Money, you can easily know all the information by clicking on this link. Click Here:- Spice Career

spice money careers


In today’s article, we know all the necessary information about Spice Money , and at the same time we know what is Spice Money ? How to earn money from Spice Money? Spice Money Portal Full information? What is Spice Money b2b? spice money Aeps all information?

I hope you have liked this article, if you like this article, then definitely share it with your friends on social media, so that they can also get this information.

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