How to Earn Extra Money Without Leaving Your Current Job (14 Ideas)

In fact many people are not exactly interested in leaving their jobs to be entrepreneurs. On the contrary, some simply need a few extra pesos quickly to complete their budget or to get out of some immediate debt.

So if you are one of those people who simply need to generate some additional bills for that specific need, surely these ideas will help you.


  1. Sell ​​some used items. You will always find some furniture, toys or electronic devices at home that you no longer use. You can have a garage sale or promote them through a local website.
  2. Work as a mystery customer. This is a service that can be offered during non-business hours for most companies or during your breaks on weekends. The job of a mystery shopper is to monitor service levels in stores. If you want to know more in detail what a mystery customer does, click here .
  3. Are you good at public speaking? So you can organize some conferences of different types on Saturdays or even Sundays. They could be leadership issues, youth, some technical or technological issue, etc. If you want to earn even more you can extend it and turn it into a course.
  4. Do you like photography? Do you have a cell phone with a good camera? Well, you should know that there are some places where they pay you for your photographs. Just as you hear it. Many advertising agencies and newspapers buy photos for their daily publications. Basically you upload them to specialized sites and every time someone buys one of your photos you earn a commission. You just need to have a good camera and take some basic course.
  5. If you are a lover of taking care of pets , you could well offer care services on weekends including a package where you take them to the beauty salon and return them more beautiful than ever. You would be surprised how profitable this business can be.
  6. Running errands can also be another way to earn some extra pesos. Many people need support with paperwork and procedures of all kinds. You can offer some urgent errand services and even focus on payments, tax matters and others.
  7. Do you like to write? Then monetize your talent. You can start a blog and develop it into a source of income.
  8. You like to write but you don’t want to blog . Don’t worry, there is another amazing way to make money as a copywriter by selling your articles to third parties. Many magazines, newspapers or blogs will be happy to pay you for your articles.
    These are often sold in packages and what they are looking for is good quality content written with good taste and excellent spelling. There are many buying/selling sites where you can offer your work. For example, a pack of 10 items on a good site can pay you up to $75 or $100 dollars. Here I leave you a good site to  know where to sell at the best price and take the first step as a writer .
  9. Enter a multilevel business. These systems are very popular for people who want to have a small business. Avon, Amway, Marykay or Tupperware are some with very good features that will surely help you earn good extra money. You can make the meetings that the system requires you at night and on weekends. Start now !
  10. Cleaning work . It can be car cleaning, house or building cleaning, etc. All cleaning services are always welcome. Here are several business ideas related to cleaning.
  11. Convert old VHS videos to Digital . This is a great yet profitable business that many people are looking for and that you can work overnight, you just need to gather the right team and learn basic video editing and conversion techniques .
  12. Shows for children’s parties . If you have talent as an artist or musician and would like to take advantage of them at children’s parties, then you can put on a small show or magic show to liven up parties on weekends. You can get paid very well working only 2 or 3 hours on Saturday afternoons.
  13. Get a side job at night. In many places such as call centers, restaurants or supermarkets, they usually hire people to work 3 or 4 hours during the night. So if you have an emergency, you could propose to work for a season to be able to make those extra weights that you need.
  14. Offers specialized tutoring. You can dedicate part of your free time to reinforce math, English or you can offer university preparation for students who are about to take their private exams. It can be at night or on weekends. More about specialized tutoring here.

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