How to Earn 1 Crore rupees per month from Google Web Story

Are you also working hard in the world of blogging story digital marketing for a long time but you are not getting its result. So now you don’t need to worry. Google itself is giving you such a platform, with the help of which you can earn up to Rs 1 crore in 1 month only through blogging.

So in which article do you know how to earn 1 crore rupees every month from Google Webstory?

What is Google Webstory?

Google Webstory is a feature of Google itself where any user can see any type of content in visual format. You must have often seen many web stories on Google’s Discover page and in the feed.

What is the meaning of Google Web story?

Understanding Google Web story in simple language, then webstory is a small form of any article in which you get to see information with different types of images.

Google web stories are made very attractive with the help of images, audio, vedio, text, different types of animations etc. so that the user gets to see the right information in an advanced way.

Where do web stories appear?

There are many such users who do not know where the web stories appear? So let’s know this too.
As you all know Google Web Stories is only made for mobile phones, that’s why you can watch it only in your mobile phone.

To view Google Web Stories, you have to open Google’s Discover feed. After that scrolling down a bit, you will get to see many stories in a row, as shown in the photo below.

How is a web story?

Web story generally stays in the ratio of 16: 9. In this, you can write the content using an image and animation and you can convey information to the user in less words. Different types of visuals are seen in Webstory, due to which users are able to interact with that content very easily and it also looks great to see.

How to make Google Web Stories?

Even you must have understood that what is Google web story? So let us now know how to make Google Webstory. How can you make it on wordpress?

How to create webstory in wordpress?

If your blog is on WordPress, then the best plugin to create a web story is Google’s own “Web Stories”. You can easily create a web story by following the process given below.

1. First of all, install the web stories plugin and activate it in your WordPress website.


2. After that you will get to see a section named Stories in the menu option on the left. You have to make a web story through the same stories.


3. Then you click on the create new option. After that a new dashboard will open where you can create your favorite and attractive web stories.


What are the features of Google Web Stories?

You will get to see many features in Google Web Stories. like:

You can upload any type of image.

  • Can use video, GIF.
  • You can add text to your web stories. Different types of shapes and stickers can be added to web stories.
  • Different templates can be used. You can give a link to any other product on your website.

Which tool is there to make Google Web story?

Different types of tools are commonly used to create Google Web stories, but three of them are the most prominent:

  1. Web stories

This is an official tool provided by Google, with the help of which you can create webstory in wordpress. This tool is provided by Google itself, that is why it is considered to be the best tool for creating a web story.

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  1. Make stories

This is the second most used tool. Using this, you can create a web story in Blogger.

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  1. You can also create webstory with the help of Newsroom AI.

How to earn crores of rupees from Google Web story?

Till now you must have got a lot of information about web stories. But now we are going to tell you that how you can earn crores of rupees every month with the help of web stories. Because after all, all bloggers do so much hard work for money only.

It is well known that the earning of any blog depends on Google Adsense the most. The more ads click on your website, the more your revenue increases.

The same system also works on google webstory. You also get to give a link to your website in google webstory. From where you can redirect the user to your website and your revenue increases due to traffic coming there and more clicks.

How to put adsense in google web story?

Along with this there is another feature of web stories in which you can run google ads inside stories. For this you have to paste the Google Adsense code in the story. Follow these steps to install Google Adsense code:

  1. First of all in wordpress you will see the setting button in the stories section. Click on it. After scrolling down a bit, you will get the option of monetize. Here select google adsense and enter the publisher id of adsense. Then enter the slot I’d of the ad unit and save it.
  2. Open the make story dashboard in Blogger and click on the advertising setup at the bottom of the general setting. Then select google adsense in monetization and enter your adsense publisher id and slot I’d. Then in the last click on apply to all stories.

How to earn money through affiliate marketing from web story?

As we have already told you, if you can easily give any kind of link in web stories and its reach is also very high. That’s why the traffic also comes full of it. That is why you can also do affiliate marketing through web stories.

You can affiliate any product. Due to which you will get some percentage of the more sales of that product and you will get a lot of income.

How much money can I earn from Google Webstory?

See there is no guarantee how much money you can make from Google Web Story.

But at present, Google itself is pushing web stories a lot and this is a new feature. That is why if you work on it, then your website will get a lot of traffic, from which you can easily earn lakhs of rupees.

Conclusion: Earn 1 crore rupees every month from Google Web story

So in today’s article we saw how you can earn up to Rs 1 crore every month from Google Web Stories? So start working on the web story today and from now on. You will get to see positive results very soon.

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