How to do Translate in Hindi from English? Step by Step

Want to Translate in Hindi from English using Google? Information will be found here, how to do Hindi to English translation? For this, both the mobile app and the website have been told. In such a situation, if you want to translate from any Hindi to English or say that you want to convert Hindi to English. So for this follow the guide given here.

With the help of one or two words or one sentence of Hindi, we can translate that word or sentence into English with the help of Oxford Dictionary or Online Mobile and Website. But if there is any Notes or Story or there is such a topic. About which we know in Hindi and translate it and write it in English. So we start having problem. for example..

What is the English translation of the word “Technique”? We can know about it immediately “ Technology ” but if we want to write in English on a topic related to Google Technology, then maybe we can also write it in Hindi but it is impossible to translate it in English.

But if we have information about any topic, subject in Hindi, then we can do 5000 words in Translate in Hindi from English in no time through internet . I use this tool, whenever I need to translate from Hindi to English, I use this tool.

What is Google Translate:

Google Translate was launched in 2006, so at that time it supported only a few languages ​​and was able to translate only a few words at a time and this translation process would have taken more than 20 seconds , but today In Google Inc. It has greatly improved Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence .

Because of which Google translate can translate in 103 languages ​​with 88% accuracy and can translate 5000 words in just 1 to 2 seconds. Google Translate is available for all platforms on Android, Windows, iOS and Mac.

But its website is the most used and daily 200+ million people use Google translate and translate any other language to compatible language. Like from English to Urdu, Bengali, Tamil, Marathi etc.

 How to do Translate in Hindi from English?

The process of translating any language from Google Translate to any other language is the same and I do translation from English to Hindi. By using this, therefore I am going to tell about Translate in Hindi from English. All other languages ​​can be translated by following this process.

Note: I do Translate in Hindi from English using Google Translate Website on laptop, if you have Smartphone then you can download its app from Google Play Store or iTunes Store which is absolutely free.

Step 1. To use the Google translation service from the browser, will have to open this website.

Step 2 . In Google translate, 2 boxes are made, out of which one is the Source Box and the other is the Destination Box. With this, Language List is given above both the boxes and there is the option of Translate with Language List above the Destination Box.

Google Translate

Step 3. In the first box i.e. Source Box, we paste or write those words which have to be translated. If I want to translate some Hindi words into English, then I will paste those Hindi words in the first box for this,

Translation Input

Step 4. As soon as we paste or write the text in the first box, then immediately its translation or result starts appearing in the second box. As seen in this image, some Hindi Sentence has been translated into English. Similarly, we can translate 5000 words at a time using Google Translation Website or App.

Hindi to English Translation

Step 5. I have done only Translate in Hindi from English, if I want, I can translate Hindi words in any of the 103 languages ​​given in Google Translate by using Google translate.

language list

Benefits of Google Translate

The biggest advantage of Google Translate Toolkit is that it is such a free tool, with the help of which any language can be translated into any readable language with full 88% accuracy. In this tool, we get the support of 103 languages.

That is, we can translate 103 languages ​​into 103 languages. If I am asked to translate Hindi text with Google Translate, then I can translate Hindi text into 103 languages.

How to do English to Hindi translation in phone?

If you want that whatever you type in English on the phone and it gets translated into English to Hindi, then for that you will have to download an app named – Google Indic Keyboard.

After installing it, you will have to choose Hindi – Hindi language.

After that, when you want to type in your phone, then this option will come in your phone. Then whatever you type in English, that thing will be converted in Hindi.

Friends, this is the best and easiest way to do Translate in Hindi from English. Using this tool, I translate all such Hindi Word, Sentence or Story into English. Which I need, if you also need translation from Hindi to English and then you must use Google translate, you will get 88% best translation result and there is no other tool like this. In which you can get a better result than this, if you have any question or suggestion about it, then do comment.

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