How to Do Business With Uber and Make $1000 Dollars Per Month

UBER  is another of those phenomena of the digital age that is transforming our way of transporting ourselves but also of doing business.
This company, which began as a startup in 2009, achieved a presence in more than 100 cities in just 4 years and its growth continues exponentially, reaching today a presence in +400 cities and record sales figures that many companies would have taken decades.

The secret of UBER and its disruptive business modelIt consists of ingeniously merging the high-quality private transport solution with the possibility for anyone to generate immediate income by using their vehicles and their time, thus promoting a wonderful  collaborative economy.

The good news is that practically anyone can join UBER and take advantage of this business boom to generate extra income or build a profitable business .

And best of all, you don’t need to invest in the infrastructure of a taxi company, or develop the software to provide the service, because all this simply already exists.

What you need is to visualize yourself as a self-employed worker who generates your own income and understand how the platform works to take advantage of its benefits.


The first thing you need to know is that those who associate with UBER do not work for the company or drive their vehicle. Anyone can sign up as an Associate Pilot and start providing services immediately by generating their own commissions.

  • Register as a pilot (individual) : you will need your identification, be of legal age, have a valid license and present some documentation that guarantees that you are a solvent pilot of fines and free of legal and traffic problems. This is part of the security that the system provides to those who travel through an UBER service.
  • Late model vehicle . In most cities it is required that your vehicle model is not more than 10 years old and that it is in perfect working order. It must also be 4 doors and be insured. To do this you must take it to a review prior to being authorized to circulate.
  • Bank account . Open a bank account in the banks authorized by UBER in order to receive the deposits of the corresponding payments for the services provided.
  • Electronic Billing . You must be registered with the Treasury, have a NIT and be enabled to issue electronic invoices. This procedure may vary depending on the tax provisions of your country but in general it is usually a requirement for the issuance of invoices to the final customer.

How much can you earn as a UBER driver?

Usually, the income for the pilots has to do with the number of hours they dedicate to providing the service as well as the schedules and the use of extraordinary rates. The more hours, the more earning potential.

UBER usually charges a 25% commission for the trips provided, leaving the driver the remaining 75%. To that you must deduct your vehicle maintenance expenses, fuel, cell phone and others.

Although we cannot give an exact figure, it is estimated that a driver who takes care of getting the most out of the system can invoice no less than $1,000 dollars (*), which is a not insignificant income for those who take advantage of their time and their vehicle.


UBER’s innovation has no limits and that is why today the digital platform also allows more ambitious for-profit entrepreneurs to also associate by making their fleets of vehicles available for work.

In this sense, if you have a company or set up one for this purpose, you will be able to register several vehicles (fleet) and associate your drivers to build a win-win business and UBER provides you with the system to carry out controls and reports. respectively for the operation.


This works extraordinarily well as there are many people who qualify to drive a vehicle under the UBER scheme but simply do not have it. This is where a perfect match can be achieved if you have several qualified vehicles recruiting drivers interested in working.

Under this system, after deducting the UBER commission, your company earns an average of US$100 a week and the pilot keeps about $150 a week, taking into account that both must deduct some operating expenses.

  • Registration of the owner of the fleet either as an individual company or a public limited company
  • Registration of the vehicle or vehicles that will be in circulation and their respective verification
  • Registration of your drivers
  • Registration in the Treasury for the issuance of electronic invoicing
  • Bank account

For all this , UBER has advisory centers that guide you in all the registration processes to get started as an associated or corporate pilot.

Without a doubt, UBER is here to stay and its highly efficient, practical and safe global model is what its users enjoy the most. Its growth will continue to expand and offer excellent income opportunities to its associates.

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