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Network marketing has different names. Like- as MLM (multi-level marketing), direct selling business, and chain system business. etc. Network Marketing is a fast-growing business in which the company delivers its product directly to the customer.

The customer is the distributor of that company who gets the opportunity to earn extra income. In today’s date crores of people are connected with Network Marketing and are progressing day by day.

Network Marketing was started in India in 1995, which is making a splash in the business industry in today’s time. Seeing the rapid growth of this industry, the Government of India issued guidelines on 12 September 2016.

According to a report by FICCI and KPMG which is an organization in India direct selling by 2025 will be around 62500 cr. That is, there will be an industry of 625 billion.

Many such companies have earned their name in the field of network marketing, but in the meantime, some fraud companies also came who fled with the money of the people who defamed the name of network marketing. Therefore, you need to have all the information before joining the network marketing business. So, friends, first of all, know what is network marketing.

What is Network Marketing?

You need to know this. Any product of the company is delivered directly to the consumer through network marketing, in which the consumer directly connects with the company and buys the product, on which the company gives some benefit to the consumer, such as discount and cashback on the company’s product, etc.

Network marketing is like a chain, in which many people are connected. The company’s product is brought to the market by this group of many people. All the people working in network marketing are connected like a chain.

The development of all the people who are connected in the group is possible only with the cooperation of each other. A single person cannot do anything in network marketing, only the whole team can take that company forward and can also be successful.

Usually, any company sells its product in the market in two ways, first traditional marketing, and second network marketing.

In Traditional Marketing- In Traditional Marketing, any company chooses a distributor, wholesaler, retailer, agent, etc. to reach its product to its customer, as well as the company advertises to reach its product to the customer, which makes a lot of money for the company. It is spent in giving, then after that, the product of that company reaches the customer.

Network Marketing- In network marketing, the company delivers its products and services directly to the customer. The customer is the company’s distributor, wholesaler, retailer, and everything that promotes the company’s products and services, in which the company distributes a large part of its turnover to its customers, in this way the customer can earn money through a network marketing. get a chance.

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