How Numbers Released by Bhagwant Mann are helpful for people?

Often there are videos on social media that will amaze everyone. There are so many people doing things that no one has ever thought of. A similar case is before us from Jalandhar. Coming where it is being observed that now Bhagwant Mann who is the new Chief Minister of Punjab has released a number under which every person with whom there is any kind of corruption can make a video of it. By attaching Bhagwant Mann can attach

Big news has come out where it is being told that a man is being tricked into giving a job to a man for four lakh eighty thousand rupees, the video of which was made by that man and This number has been sent to the number after which it is being reported that now this woman has been arrested by the Vigilance Department.

With dyed hands because this woman is under the control of Vigilance Department and no action has been taken against her. At the same time there is a demand for different views from the people and people are saying that strict action should be taken against those who cheat the people.

People say that this campaign run by Bhagwant Mann is very good with which many people can be found who used to take huge bribes and cheat people in the face of this news. Given a lot of opinions, it is being said that there should be strict action in this matter as well. You can also give your views in the comment box.

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