How Do You Choose A New Year’s Gift?

What is the perfect gift for the New Year? A hundred years ago, the answer was simple: a bottle of Chanel No. 5 . In 1921, Coco Chanel revolutionized the world of perfumery. Everyone dreamed of touching them, and on the eve of the holiday, store shelves were empty. In 2021, the choice is even more difficult. In the article we will understand what, how and why we give our loved ones.

How do people choose gifts?

On purpose or spontaneously, at the last minute or in advance, but often via the Internet. The pandemic has been going on for two years now and this time has been enough to change our shopping habits.

Google estimates that searches for “online gifts” have increased by 80%. The number of people we are ready to congratulate has also increased. The traditional circle included relatives and friends, now only colleagues and acquaintances appeared in it.

But the more people, the higher the costs. According to Deloitte’s forecast , this year we will spend an average of 27,500 rubles for the New Year. This includes a festive table, entertainment and gifts. And the latter will take almost half of the amount.

A gift budget is like investing in a relationship. The giving process is a way to show interest and concern. Therefore, we can spend weeks and even months making gifts to our loved ones, but we can choose a set of chocolates and champagne for a colleague in half an hour.

What do psychologists say about choosing gifts?

Intuitively, it seems that the more expensive the gift, the better. In practice, this is not the case at all. The high cost of a gift does not make the joy of owning it stronger.

In addition, high costs come with high expectations on the part of the donor. It seems to us that a generous gesture will certainly be appreciated, but  psychologists say that the level of appreciation is not related to the price. Tears of joy and eternal gratitude are not guaranteed to anyone.

The high cost of a gift does not make it more desirable. In addition, there is a possibility that an expensive gift will not be appreciated the way you would like.

The secret of a good gift is in its benefit to the recipient. For example, 101 red roses or the largest teddy bear in the world can give a lot of positive emotions, but the joy will not last long. All pleasure is limited to the moment—it’s beautiful, unexpected, and bright, but in the long run it’s completely useless.

2020-11-25-unpacking gifts 7 gifts for improving health and preventing disease

The value of a good gift is only revealed over time. Another question is how do you find this value? You can look for common hobbies or consider individual preferences — a love of movies, games, health care or the comforts of home.

Which is better: experiences or objects?

We divide gifts into four categories according to the level of impressions:

1. Practical and fun . There are “boring” gifts like certificates or cash.

2. ” For show . ” They usually say about such people: the main thing is attention. Inexpensive cosmetics and home accessories often fall into this category. The donor will be sincerely thanked, but they are unlikely to ever remember the gift. One of the reasons is that it is very difficult to guess another taste.  

3. useful . There are usually useful things for the home that are difficult to attribute to highly desirable gifts. For example, a toaster or kettle. The advantage is that it can be packaged beautifully and presented effectively.

4. Impressive . You can give anyone a new experience. For example, a master class on flying an airplane or a cooking class. This is the true holy grail among gifts.  

The researchers note that the general level of satisfaction with the physical gift and the impression gift is about the same. But over time, things become less and less satisfying, while memories and new experiences become more valuable. There are hidden rewards, too: Scientists say gifts of experience help strengthen relationships.

How do you choose a gift?

Cards on the Table: People don’t give gifts like that. Researchers at the University of California identified four main types of gifts:

  • gifts that speak for the giver;
  • gifts in which the giver says he understands the recipient;
  • symbolic gifts for the occasion;
  • Gifts that contain many meanings.

The most beloved and memorable gifts belong to the second category. Most often, these are things that a person has wanted for a long time, but for some reason did not dare to buy himself. The most unfortunate option, as a rule, is associated with symbolic gifts.

Whatever the gift, the main thing is to remember the ” 35 cm rule “, which is guided by experts in ethics. It is built on the principles of Proxmix, which explores the personal space of a person. In dealing with people, we allow different stages of closeness. The most intimate of them are from 15 to 46 cm. Transit is allowed only through close emotional contact.

Therefore, it is advisable to give gifts that touch the human body only to the closest and dearest. For example, pajamas will cause bewilderment in a colleague, but sincere joy in a family member.

We usually choose gifts for those we care about or love. Most people don’t care how much you spend on a gift, as long as it’s from the heart.

Don’t focus on the uniqueness of the gift. After all, it sometimes seems that gifts should not be repeated. For this reason, we ignore similar desires and needs of our loved ones. Scientists note that , as a rule, people do not pay attention to this and rejoice at the same gifts.

If you’re looking for a memorable and useful gift, we’ve got an idea.

 It is impressions and care in one gift. Using it, anyone will be able to learn about its origin, health properties, food intolerances, and athletic qualities.  

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