How can I watch all episodes of Anupama?

Since the beginning, the serial Anupama, which is number one in TRP, has a tremendous craze among the audience. Although many times the audience has called it boring, but still its TRP never drops. Such dramas are shown in the serial that the man can hold his head.
Many issues including social issues, domestic violence, violence against women have been raised well in the serial. But the audience says that a little bit of masala is fine but serving anything in the name of entertainment is not right. Today we are going to tell you five such things of Anupama show, after watching which you will definitely consider it.


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Vanraj’s change of heart

As soon as Vanraj’s change of heart happens in the show, people can’t even imagine it. Sometimes Vanraj realizes what Anupama has done for him and his family, and sometimes he thinks of ways to take revenge on Anupama.


Vanraj is an expert in breaking hearts

Vanraj first broke Anupama’s heart, then he fell in love with Kavya Shah, both of them also married. Kavya came to live with Anupama as a sautan, but now Vanraj’s heart is also filled with Kavya, he is now after Malavika.
Seeing all this, the audience is feeling that when Vanraj is an expert in breaking hearts, then why do girls go to him to break their hearts. Viewers say that Vanraj will do the same to Malvika as he has done to Anupama and Kavya.


Living in a house with husband and sister

Admittedly, Anupama’s fan following is quite good, but after her divorce from husband Vanraj in the show, no one understood the logic of living in a house with her sautan. It’s a wound-scraping thing, isn’t it… Does this ever happen in real life? Which woman would trust to scrape off her sorrow?


Viewers are upset by the twist

Viewers watching Anupama say that the show has now started appearing as Abbas Mustan’s film. Where every episode has a twist. Every character has its own past. Viewers say that Anupama’s character is getting completely derailed.
One can understand that Anupama’s character needs importance, so there are other ways to make it look strong, but the idea of ​​saving the marriage of Sautan and her husband in the name of progressive thinking does not freeze.

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