Guide to Starting a Cleaning Product Manufacturing Business

ūüĎČSuccessful ideaūüĎą¬†¬†The main attraction of this idea for entrepreneurs is that the cleaning product manufacturing industry continues to generate millions of dollars in profits worldwide.

The fact of being products of first necessity and daily use means that the demand for accessible and low-priced solutions is very high and constantly growing.


However, there is still room for new competitors and the best news is that you do not need a technical specialization or extensive knowledge to start a small home-made business of these product lines, as long as you are willing to learn, professionalize and carry out the responsible processes.

Can you imagine yourself at home manufacturing your own brand of cleaning products and generating income without having to invest in the entire infrastructure of a formal business, at least initially?

Minimum Initial Investment

This business has several attractions to start it, but one of the most important is the low investment costs.

  • Most products are easy to manufacture and require very little investment in manufacturing materials, which can translate into generous profit margins.
  • You do not need a commercial premises apart from allocating an area at home with enough space to store raw materials and be able to work in the production process
  • You do not need to hire specialized personnel beyond an assistant who collaborates with you in the manufacturing, packaging, labeling and distribution processes.

The main investment in fact consists of acquiring the basic supplies, some work tools and of course having a good complete manual of formulas that carefully guides you in the manufacture of the products.


Cleaning Product Manufacturing BusinessAs I explained at the beginning, one of the great advantages of this business is that you will have a wide market to target to place your products:

  • Residential market:¬†in this case, you can focus on promoting your product catalog in your area or in nearby areas, minimizing your transportation costs.

    You can start by offering them to family, friends and acquaintances to start helping you with referrals to help you create new clients.

  • Industrial or executive market:¬†on the other hand, you can also focus on the industrial or executive sector, visiting the purchasing managers of offices, hospitals, gyms, government agencies, churches, etc.¬†All of them regularly consume cleaning products, so offers with attractive prices will be very convenient for them.

    In this case, you should consider the formal issuance of an invoice and handle different prices because the purchase volumes will surely be greater.

  • Distribution for resale:¬†another interesting option to consider is the possibility of developing a line of distributors who may be interested in promoting your product in detail in their stores or as resellers.

    This is ideal for people who also want to make some extra money without spending time and money on making the products. Distribution can be offered to $1 dollar stores or convenience stores that can become allies for the resale of your product.

So for your income to start coming you must prepare a sales plan and execute it.¬†If you’re not a top salesperson, you have two options: take a crash sales course to develop your skills, or hire an experienced salesperson to do this while you get down to production.

In the latter case, you should then consider an attractive commission so that your seller is in charge of finding customers and attracting orders to place your products.

It is also very important that you have a balance between sales and production in order to be able to easily meet the demand that the promotion of your cleaning products may generate.

“Don’t sell more than you can produce, and don’t produce more than you can sell. Simple as that.”


Undoubtedly, the production of cleaning products is the heart of this business. Although most of the supplies can be easily obtained in pharmacies and supermarkets, it is very important to have a good guide of formulas and recipes for their preparation. Below I recommend one that has been the favorite of many entrepreneurs.

recipes to make cleaning productsFortunately, there are also a variety of free recipes on the Internet that allow you to choose the different options and lines of products that you can manufacture, such as: shampoos, detergents, deodorants, soaps, disinfectants, and many others.

You will have to search and examine the references of the manufacturers to be able to choose the ones with the best benefit in terms of cost and quality and avoid those formulas that, because they are so cheap, turn out to be of very low quality.

Of course, YouTube is a huge source of information where you will find a variety of videos, tutorials, and instructions to help you get started, but the information is usually scattered and you should be very careful about filtering what you find.

Start your business now!

Now, if this is definitely the business you were looking for and what you want is to start as soon as possible, I recommend you invest in this excellent manual of formulas for the manufacture of cleaning products that contains hundreds of proven formulas that will allow you to start quickly and its cost is highly accessible.

Having the right manual is the perfect key that will put you on the direct path to immediately start your business obtaining the best financial results.

Once you have your manual you will see that this kind of business is quite accessible and practical for anyone who wants to build a part-time income by manufacturing their own cleaning products.

Ready to grow?

Of course, as your business begins to grow and you see the potential to grow, it will be convenient to formalize it, request the corresponding sanitary permits, create your own brand and advise yourself with the corresponding agencies to give your company a more professional turn.

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