Friendship of Cheetah and Turtle is Going Viral on Social Media

Florida. Friendship is the only thing in this color changing world, which is extremely and beautiful and also necessary. The support of a friend can prove to be helpful in getting you out of the biggest problems. Friendship is the only thing that stops people from feeling isolated. 

Friends make you mood in an instant. They play a big role in eliminating your problems, stress and its level to a great extent. 

By the way, these days cheetah is in the headlines. Even if it is not, this animal, which has become extinct from India, is once again roaming freely on the land of the country. However, a video is going viral on social media, in which a cheetah can be seen playing with a turtle in the park. In this viral video clip posted on social media platform Instagram, a cheetah can be seen playing with a turtle in the park. 

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After playing the cheetah for some time, the cheetah takes a look in the park and then starts caressing its turtle’s head. It’s all as if both of them are having fun with each other. 

After caressing the head of the leopard, the tortoise also strokes its head with its head and both are having fun on the grass of the park. This video has been posted on Instagram from the account handle of Carson Springs Wildlife.

Seeing the friendship of both, users made interesting comments 

The caption of the video reads, “The two are good friends and you can see their fun in Carson Springs.” Let us tell you that Carson Springs is in Gainesville, Florida, United States. This is a non-profitable or non-profit organization’s park, where animals of rare and endangered species are kept. 

The viral clip has been viewed nearly 1.5 million times, while more than 58 thousand users have liked it and hundreds of users have made interesting comments on it. Some users have praised the friendship of these two in the comment section of the post, while some found it very funny and funny. 

One user wrote, Cheetah must be wondering what a strange head-scratching rock! It pulls the next part back in towards itself and then ejects. Another user said, This is exciting and incredible. A third user said just that, best running mate. 

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