Example of Humanity: Kerala united for seven-year-old Child

On 25 March 2022 i.e. Today, a mass blood sample testing camp has been organized in Kerala for the people of 15 to 50 years so that the life of a child can be saved. Yes, this camp has been set up only to find a stem cell donor. In fact, these days, from politicians to actors all over Kerala, all efforts are being made to save the life of a 7-year-old child.

7 year old child has leukemia disease

7 year old child has leukemia disease

Actually Srinandan, a cancer patient living in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, has leukemia disease. He came to know about this only 2 months ago and now his cancer has reached the advanced stage. Srinandan is only 7 years old and he has to undergo blood transfusion every day. These days he is being treated at Amrita Hospital in Kochi. The doctor says that only a stem cell donor can save a child’s life.

However, finding a stem cell donor is not an easy task as the chances of getting the same stem cells are usually higher in siblings. The stem cell donor should have stem cells that match the sick person. If you are thinking that like blood donation, stem cell donation is also there, then you need to understand first.

Blood Donation V / s Stem Cell Donation

For blood stem cells, the doctor first removes blood from your hand, then passes it through a machine and when the stem cells are separated from the blood, then your extracted blood is given back to you with the help of the other hand. Stem cell donor has to register first. For a successful transplant, the stem cell donor and the HLA type of the patient must be the same.

6 lakh people have been investigated

Matching human leukocyte antigens is a very difficult task. Because there are thousands of features found in HLA and it is very difficult to match all of them. Stem cells do not even have to be a match with your family member.

That’s why doctors and Srinandan’s family members contacted 6 lakh stem cell donors registered worldwide but none could match. Then Srinandan’s family took the help of social media and this thing spread like wind in the entire state of Kerala.

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