Top 7 Ways to Earn Money Online with WhatsApp in 2022

I think that in today’s era there will be someone who does not use a smartphone and does not know about WhatsApp, but do you know the answer to this question that how to earn money from WhatsApp.

In today’s time it is a trend that everyone wants that they can earn money online, if not more so that we can take out our pocket money.

If you do not know what is the easiest way to earn money online from WhatsApp , then in today’s post we will give you the answer and tell it in full detail, and we hope that you will read this post completely.

This question must be coming in the mind of many of you that if WhatsApp will give money , then the answer is “No”, WhatsApp will not give you money, because WhatsApp is a free platform that provides all of us a free platform through which we You can connect with people, message them, make video calls and make audio calls.

But now if we talk about WhatsApp does not give money, then from where and how will the money come from WhatsApp. Friends, now you do not have to take tension, just read this post completely, you will get the answer to all your questions.

Now the question comes whether we can really earn money from WhatsApp then the answer is yes. Because there are many ways by which you can earn money.

So today we will tell you about all those methods. So let’s know what are the ways to earn money from WhatsApp.

What is needed to earn money from WhatsApp?

Now the most important thing is that what do we need to earn money from WhatsApp and what things will be needed from which we will earn money from WhatsApp, and all those things are as follows.

  • Smart Phone
  • Internet Connection
  • WhatsApp Group
  • Followers

Now let us tell you that you should have a WhatsApp group in which there are many members and you should have many WhatsApp groups. Where you have access to a good member, now if you have a good number of followers, then you can earn very good money from WhatsApp very easily, let’s know how.

How to earn money from WhtsApp

We all know about WhatsApp very well and use it, just now we have to know how to earn money from our WhatsApp, let me tell you that WhatsApp will not give us money directly, by using it we can use it in other ways. You can earn money from which you have been told in detail here.

Number Ways to earn money from whatsapp
1 Create whatsapp group and increase your followers
2 how to earn money with link shortener in whatsapp
3 earn money from affiliate marketing in whatsapp
4 Refer apps in whatsapp and earn money
5 earn money by promoting in whatsapp
6 earn money by reselling in whatsapp
7 earn money through e-conference in whatsapp

No 1: Create WhatsApp group and increase your followers

Friends, first of all, you have to create at least 5 to 10 groups on WhatsApp and add a lot of followers inside them, after that you have to build your trust with everyone in the group and then whatever you sell to them, they will sell it. Will buy easily, now you have been given complete information in front of what you want to sell on the group.

No 2: How to earn money with Link Shortner in WhatsApp

Friends, you will find many such websites online that will give you money when you click on it and share it with others by shooting the link of any URL. All you have to do is join such a good Link Shortner website.

But keep in mind that you have to select those websites. The websites on which Per Click gets more money because there are many websites in this work on which you do not get money.

Here we have shared with you the names of some good link shot websites.

These are some of the popular URL Shortener websites that you can rely on. And you can also earn a good amount.

No 3: Earn money with Affiliate Marketing in WhatsApp

We have the name of Affiliate Marketing at number 3 in the list of how to earn money from WhatsApp, maybe you do not know what Affiliate Marketing is, so let me tell you that selling any product is called Affiliate Marketing.

Now you have to share the link of the product of any website in this way and other people have to make purchases through that link. For this you get a very good commission and this commission is different for different products.

There are many companies that adopt Affiliate Marketing to sell their products. I will also give you the links of these websites below, from where you can go and earn money by creating your account.

In this, you have to focus on selling your product the most, the more you sell, the more money you have to share their links in the WhatsApp group and earn money.


No 4: Refer apps in WhatsApp and earn money

Refer apps and earn money, this is also a good way, but let me tell you in advance that you can not only spend more than this way but you can take out a lot of your expenses. You will find many such apps in the Play Store, which you can earn money by sharing on WhatsApp.

In this you get Recharge, PayTm Wallet Cash, Gift Card, Discount Coupon, etc., using which you can do free shopping. If you do not want to do shopping yourself, then you can also do it to your friends.

To earn money from Apps Refer , you first have to copy the referral link of your apps and put it in the WhatsApp group, when people download the apps by clicking on this link, you get money in return.

Yes, it would not be wrong to say that you cannot use this method for a long time, but if needed, you can use it, it is not such a bad idea either. Some Earning Apps are given below-

Google Pay, Ladoo, Task Bucks, Earn Talk Time, PayTm Cash

No 5: Earn money by promoting in WhatsApp

You all know that in today’s era there is no such work in which we do not need promotion. Today no work is done without promotion, whether it is a small work or a big one, it does not make any difference.

But who should we promote and who will give us money and how? This is your question and we are going to answer it for you. So let me tell you that if you have a huge audience then you can earn a lot with its help. He knows how to go

In today’s era, many apps keep coming every day, if you want, you can take a lot of money from them by contacting their administrator. Because that promotion of any new app will definitely be done. If he will work properly and honestly, then he will definitely need promotion and you should take advantage of this need.

Now when it comes to the second promotion method, in today’s era, people are creating many new YouTube channels, websites, they also promote their brand to be more famous, if you promote their channel or website. So you will get money in return for that too.

You just have to tell them that you can give them a very good and real traffic if they give you some money and you have to convince them in such a way that they will accept your point. You must remember this thing that you have to make your image in front of the people and create a very good network.

Using which you can earn money, that too much and it is not to be done at all that you should do a fake work for them, whatever you do, it should be true. Because he’s counting on you too. So never break anyone’s trust for money.

No 6: Earn money by reselling in WhatsApp

If you want that you have to earn even more money, then you can also do Reselling work with the help of WhatsApp. You will find many such reselling websites with the help of which you can earn money.

Reselling is also very much in trend in today’s era, in this you have to join the reselling website and sell its product, but in this you can keep the price of the product according to you. And you can sell it for as much money as you want.

There are some reselling websites, with the help of which people are earning Rs 10000-15000 in a month, if you want, you can also do this work – Glow Road, Shop11, Shogee, Meesho, etc.

No 7: Earn money through E-conference in WhatsApp

E-conference is also a very good way, in this you can share your ideas with people and to do it on a big stage, you can use WhatsApp and at the same time you can also give Live Customer Support to the people. .

You must keep in mind that your network should not feel that you are forcing them for all these products, if this happens then slowly your network will end and you will come back to 0.

Earn maximum money from WhatsApp by creating WhtsApp Group

Now you must have understood that to earn money from WhatsApp, you will need WhatsApp Group, if there is no WhatsApp Group then you will not be able to do anything. Do you know that 256 members can be added to a WhatsApp group, not more than this.

If you want to add more than 256 members then you will not be able to add. Now it comes to where WhatsApp Groups will come in such large quantities, for this you will find many such websites online from where you can join WhatsApp Groups.

FAQ’s: Questions & Answers

Q1: Through which mediums can I earn money on WhatsApp?

Ans: You can earn money on WhatsApp by using methods like affiliate marketing, apps promotion, group promotion, YouTube channel promotion, apps refer, reselling, link shortener, etc.

Q2: What to do to earn money from WhatsApp?

Ans: To earn money from WhatsApp, you should have a good number of followers and you should have some groups in which there are a lot of followers.

Q3: Can I earn money from WhatsApp at this time?

Ans: Yes, if you have a lot of followers on WhatsApp, then you can earn money from WhatsApp anytime.

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