Do you want to know How to Earn PayPal Money? Here are 11 Ideas

Asking yourself if you want to earn money online I think it’s plenty, right? Because otherwise you wouldn’t be here… I’ve already told you about several ways to get your first euros or dollars online, but how to earn money with PayPal? Is there any method that allows you to do it?

Keep reading and you will discover the 11 best solutions and pages to earn PayPal money.

PayPal: what you need to know

What is Paypal?

It is an online payment processor that has existed since 1998 (twenty years, already!!). It is present in several countries and is used by individuals, online businesses, online auction pages and also by some physical stores.


This platform allows you to make money transactions: purchases and/or sales, you can also receive money from other people or companies where you have earned money online.

What is NOT PayPal?

PayPal is NOT a method to generate money online.

There are many other ways to earn money online, but PayPal is not one of them. It will only allow you to receive or transfer it. In this article I will tell you which are the best solutions to earn money in your PayPal account.

Why is PayPal interesting?

I am going to tell you why it seems interesting to me to have a PayPal account:

Currently, PayPal is (almost) everywhere. There are more and more web pages that accept it, even some physical stores. It has undoubtedly become a reliable means of payment, just like bank cards.

It is also an excellent means of making quick and easy transfers.

In addition, PayPal has a special security and encryption system. If you are afraid that someone will steal your bank details, consider using this type of online payment platform, as you will not have to enter your bank details. So your bank account will not be shown.

Another advantage is the popularity of PayPal. Today it is used by well-known pages: below I will talk about which are these sites that use this payment method.

Something else you should know about PayPal

For an individual, there are not many more things to point out.

However, I will emphasize the existence of insurance for buyers. This covers the correct delivery of your purchases. And it can even cover intangible assets (air tickets, downloads, …). If you use your PayPal money to make purchases online, it will come in handy.

The platform offers two types of account:

  • If you are an individual, a personal account will suffice, unless you are a very large online shopper.
  • But, if you are a professional, you might be interested in a business or business account to earn money on PayPal. In fact, this is a good option if you are thinking of starting an e-commerce. In the latter case, PayPal will be an excellent ally to manage your earnings.

Cool! From today I will use it

Attention : not everything in PayPal is rosy. The platform has usage fees, and although it has many more advantages than the banking system, it also has disadvantages that you should be aware of.

To open your own PayPal account, you must be of legal age.

PayPal is like everything: it has a price. Below you have the fees , although they are not excessive, it is something that you will have to pay.

  • For personal transactions: Buying, sending and receiving money from friends and family is free as long as it does not involve currency exchange. In that case, a fee of 3.4% + flat fee (in the currency in which the payment is received) applies.
  • For commercial transactions: sending money (purchases) is free if there is no currency conversion. Receive money (sales) applies a rate of 3.4% (for sales less than 2,500 euros) + fixed rate, this rate is reduced as the amount of sales increases. For international sales, an additional international transaction fee will also apply.
  • Opening and closing the account is completely free. If you don’t have a PayPal account yet, in this article  I’ll explain how to do it.

So how do you make money with PayPal?

I am sure that if you are here, it is because you want to know how to get PayPal money, perhaps to make ends meet, or to treat yourself… So, I am not going to entertain you anymore: these are the best ideas and pages to earn money with PayPal.

8 easy ideas to get money in PayPal

I’m going to start with the simplest and easiest ideas. All available to everyone! You just have to decide when to start and do it.

Host tourists in your home

For this idea you will also have to be the owner, in this case of a home. If so, write down this idea. Airbnb  is a well-known platform, it allows you to host tourists in your home in exchange for a payment for each night. You can share your entire house or just a room.

For example, in Madrid, a flat for 4 guests booked 15 nights in a month, represents an estimated profit of 1,377 euros. In Mexico City, an apartment with the same characteristics, 992 euros. What would your earnings be? Get an idea of ​​how much you can earn with this simulator .

In some countries it is possible to receive payments in your PayPal account. To check if it is possible in your country, PayPal must appear among the payment methods of the selected country. If so, you can connect your PayPal account and earn money every time you host other people in your house.

You have to know that some cities have specific regulations for this type of accommodation. If you like this idea, I recommend that you inform yourself beforehand.

Earn PayPal money with paid surveys

The first method on this list is well known: paid surveys. These pages pay you to answer questions about products or services.

The advantage of this method is its simplicity: in general, it is only necessary to register on the web to start earning. However, it is a method that pays little. The amounts vary from one site to another and, in the medium or long term, it is possible to earn money with PayPal.

So take the time to compare the best pages, you can find several in this article . But unfortunately, sometimes you will be excluded from surveys if you don’t meet their selection criteria.

Some websites like LifePoints  allow you to earn PayPal money from 5 euros if you are in Spain. I also recommend Toluna  for Spain and some South American countries ( here I tell you more about this page), it makes PayPal payments for some countries (you can check it in the “awards” area).

how to earn money on paypal
Earn money in your spare time

Perform small tasks to get money

Playing games, taking surveys, watching videos, etc… are some of the tasks for which you will receive remuneration. This method is simple and works in several countries.

If you want to earn money with PayPal like this, this page is my favorite: Gift Hunter Club (it also has surveys).

Cashback: earn money in PayPal for your purchases

Perhaps you have already heard about cashback. It is simply an amount of money that is refunded to you when you make a purchase. This amount can be fixed (for example, €2 from €40 of purchases), or a percentage (2% of your total purchases).

Among the best-known pages, I use Beruby : here, the cashback percentages can exceed 10 or 20%. If you want to know more about this topic, read this article .

The main advantage of shopping with cashback is that you can get real savings, especially if you are a compulsive shopper, or at least a regular online shopper. Imagine that they reimburse you 10% of a bill of 100 euros, it’s a good saving, don’t you think?

Yes, I know what you are thinking: the problem with this idea is that it is not free money , since you have to spend it first in order to get some of it back. Therefore, I see it more as a loyalty program where I earn money without realizing it.

Applications to get money in PayPal

Do you have a Smartphone? Do you want to know how to earn PayPal money with it?

There are different applications that will allow you to get a few extra euros (or dollars) at the end of the month. Think for example when you are waiting for the bus or you are in the dentist’s waiting room, do you use the mobile? Do it and earn some money while your doctor finishes off the previous patient.

These applications will give you points for completing tasks, for example: downloading a game and reaching level 5, taking a survey, watching a video, visiting a page, etc. However, you have to be vigilant, since sometimes they will ask you to sign up for free offers… but after a few days (7 to 10 days) they become paid. So it is better to unsubscribe or uninstall as soon as the task is done, and you will get the reward.

In this idea, my two recommended applications are: GiftHunterClub (use this code: EQLC6Y to receive 20 gift points) and CashPirate (with the code: HMUVEG you will receive your first 500 coins). They are the best known and offer several ways to get points that can be converted into PayPal money. If you want to know other applications to earn extra money, read this article .

There are also apps that pay you to unlock your smartphone. The task is simple: by installing an app, like Slidejoy, you agree to see an ad every time you unlock your phone. Just swipe right to remove it and unlock your device, or up if you’re interested in the ad. In return, the app pays you for each ad viewed. This is another example of getting money with PayPal effortlessly.

Like other methods that I propose here, these applications are good ideas to take advantage of the waiting time in your day to day and make a little money. Of course, nothing stops you from using them longer to earn more money with PayPal.

Complete missions

There are also other applications that pay you to carry out other types of tasks with your mobile phone, the so-called missions.

Generally, these tasks have to do with your experience as a consumer. For example, they pay you to go to the supermarket in your neighborhood and check the price of a product, you will have to take a photo and upload it to the application. When your mission is validated, you will receive money in your account. In some missions, you may also be asked to answer surveys about the given task.

To earn money in PayPal completing missions, I recommend these applications: Mobeye and Clic and Walk, both are available for Android and iOS.

Do mini jobs

You may have heard of making money on Amazon by doing small basic tasks. However, Amazon does not use PayPal as a means of payment (or collection). So since this article is about giving you ideas to earn PayPal money, I recommend you to use ClickWorker .

The mini jobs can be: search for information, check company data, classify images, etc.

With this idea, don’t expect to get rich . Normally the tasks that they will entrust to you will be simple and they are paid very little, in any case this can represent an extra income in your PayPal account.

Earn PayPal money sharing rides on Blablacar

This time, you will take advantage of the trips in your car to earn PayPal money. How? For example, Blablacar allows you to pay and receive money with PayPal for sharing rides with other people heading to the same destination as you.

When you have a trip planned and you have a free seat (or more), you can post an ad to find fellow travelers who will pay you to travel with you.

The drawback is that although it is a simple idea, it is not for everyone, only for those who have a car.

3 Ideas to earn by PayPal that need something more from you

I have preferred to separate the ideas into two groups. The first ones are simpler and can be done in your free time to gradually earn money. In this group, the ideas are going to need a little more of your time, your work and your knowledge.

how to earn paypal money
Earning money online can become your main source of income

Become a freelancer

More and more people are selling their services online as freelancers. And this is a good opportunity to use your knowledge and experience to earn money.

As a freelance you can offer services of: article writer, text translator, app developer, web page designer and many more.

There are several platforms where you can create your freelance profile in a few minutes and apply to different projects. The best known and that pay money with PayPal are: Workana (leader in Latin America) and Freelancer (you will find projects in Spanish and English).

Sell digital products

Digital products are an excellent tool to generate income online.

These products include: ebooks, guides, video training, etc. If you already have a blog, it will be a good place to promote it. But if not, you can create a website to promote your product. In both cases, do not forget to incorporate the PayPal button so that your readers buy it immediately.

Of course, you have to know that this method requires a little more time, but once created, it can be sold anywhere in the world with a few clicks.

Sell other people’s products

If you don’t dare to create your own product, there is another solution for you. You can sell someone else’s product and thus take a commission for each sale. This is called affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable ways to earn money online and with PayPal.

To promote a product or service of another person or company, you have to enter their website, look for the “Affiliation” or “Affiliate Program” section and register. They will give you an affiliate link, which will be the one you must use to sell the product.

Commissions are usually paid by different means, among the most used is PayPal and bank transfers (depending on the country).

Attention: Beware of scams!

One of the ways to use your PayPal account is to make purchases online, however, not all businesses accept it. As I told you before, Amazon, one of the most visited pages in the world, does not accept it. But the good news is that there are more and more stores that accept it, for example: Fnac, Zara, Decathlon, eBay, El Corte Ingles, etc…

If you make your purchases on reputable sites, as a general rule, you should not have any problems. But be careful, if you stay away from these big names, it is better to be sure that you can trust the site in question. In fact, there are several scams with your bank details (such as phishing , which consists of pretending to be your bank to obtain your personal details).

Unfortunately PayPal is not immune to scams . For example, if you receive an email requesting your account or money transfer information, delete the message immediately. PayPal will not ask you for this type of data by email. Also, if an online store is little known or seems suspicious, do not hesitate to seek opinions from other users.

I hope this article has helped you on your PayPal adventure. But do not hesitate to search for new pages on your own and always keep up to date with the new ways to earn money with PayPal.

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