DGCA takes strict action on SpiceJet’s Pilot-in-command, license suspended for 6 months

DGCA on SpiceJet Pilot: The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has suspended for 6 months the license of the SpiceJet pilot-in-command whose passengers were injured during landing.

DGCA on SpiceJet Pilot: The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has taken strict action against the Pilot-in-Command (PIC) of SpiceJet flight after ignoring the co-pilot’s inputs. DGCA suspends pilot-in-command’s license for 6 months. In fact, on May 1, a Boeing B737 flight going from Mumbai to Durgapur faced a lot of difficulties while landing, resulting in injuries to some passengers.

what was the matter

SpiceJet’s Boeing B737 flying between Mumbai and Durgapur had encountered severe atmospheric disturbances during its landing on May 1 this year. Due to a jolt in the plane, the luggage kept in the cabin started falling on the passengers. 

During this many passengers got injured who had to be admitted to the hospital. SpiceJet had then expressed regret over it calling it an unfortunate incident and provided all possible medical assistance to the injured. After this, the DGCA had ordered an inquiry into it.

What would have happened to the pilot-in-command?

An aircraft’s pilot in command (PIC) is the person on board the aircraft who is responsible for its operation and safety during the entire flight. If an aircraft has only one certified and qualified pilot, it is also the captain of a two- or three-pilot aircrew in that particular circumstance. The Pilot in Command must be legally certified in order to operate the aircraft for specific flight and flight conditions. It is the first to be held liable for any flight rule violation.

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