Delhi Murder Case: Shraddha Murder-like incident solved in Pandav Nagar

Delhi Pandav Nagar Murder Case: The young man’s wife and son had murdered together. After the murder, both had cut the dead body into pieces and kept it in the freeze. It is being told that before the murder, the young man was fed a drug pill.

Delhi Crime News: Police has claimed to have solved the mystery of Shraddha Walkar murder case which came to light in East Delhi’s Pandav Nagar. In this sensational case, the police have arrested the wife of the deceased and his son on charges of murder. 

Both are accused that after killing the young man, they cut the dead body into pieces and kept it in the fridge. On getting the opportunity, the accused used to throw out the pieces of the dead body.

Delhi Police Crime Branch disclosed the murder case

Disclosing the matter, DCP Amit Goel of Delhi Police Crime Branch said that the matter came to light on 5 June. The name of the deceased in the Pandav Nagar murder case is Anjan Das. Das’s wife Poonam and son Deepak have been arrested for his brutal murder. Mother-son together killed Anjan Das by feeding him a drug pill and then cut the dead body into pieces and kept it in the fridge. After this, seeing the opportunity, they used to throw the dead body outside in the night. The police have also recovered the used refrigerator from the house.

Anjan Das was murdered in June

According to Special CP Ravindra Yadav of Delhi Police Crime Branch, Anjan Das, a youth living in Pandav Nagar near Akshardham Temple, was murdered in the month of June this year. Delhi Police, after finding pieces of the dead body on June 5 at Ramlila Ground near Pandav Nagar, carried out the investigation continuously and has now made full disclosure.

Murder Mystery revealed after continuous investigation for six months, watch video

Murder due to alcohol addiction, greed and lust

Ravindra Yadav said that the mother and son were troubled by the bad habits of Anjan Das. The case of illegal relations of Anjan Das has also come to the fore. Poonam and Deepak were very upset due to Anjan Das’s addiction to alcohol, not earning himself, usurping the earnings of mother and son and keeping a dirty eye on the women of the house. This was the second marriage of both Anjan Das and Poonam.

See some pictures and CCTV footage related to the incident

This is how the police revealed the Pandav Nagar murder case

Police said that the local people had earlier complained about the stench in the Ramlila Ground. After this the pieces of the corpse were recovered. Then during the investigation of CCTV footage, a woman and a boy were seen throwing something on the ground in the night. 

The police proceeded with the investigation and interrogation on the basis of leads and finally managed to crack the case. This is the second time after the Shraddha Walkar Murder Case that came to light in Delhi’s Mehrauli, where the case of dismembering the dead body and keeping it in a domestic fridge to prevent spoilage has come to the fore.

Let us tell you that nowadays there is a lot of discussion about Shraddha Walkar murder case in Delhi. The accused in the case, Aftab Poonawala, is accused of bringing live-in partner Shraddha from Mumbai to Delhi and killing her here. After the murder, the dead body was cut into pieces and kept in the fridge and kept them hidden for many days.

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