Darlings Movie Review: Alia Bhatt’s Darling rocked Netflix

Darlings Movie Review: Alia Bhatt is known as a great actress. The actress has worked in not one but many hit films. In this article today we are going to tell you about the review of Alia Bhatt’s film Darlings. Jasmine Rein, Vijay Sharma and Shefali Shah have worked with actress Alia Bhatt. Talking about the reviews of the public, some coercive comic touch spoils the effect of this film.

Darlings Movie Review

The story of this film depicts a domestic violence. In which a husband who keeps killing his wife. And the wife keeps on hoping and believing every day, that ‘one day they will change’.

Told simply, the film is about an abuser exploiting his partner over a man vs woman fight. While the themes and observations are powerful, the storytelling and editing require some work. Shot in a confined space throughout (a rather spacious chawl room), the film continues to move in circles, making it more of a dull drama than a gripping domestic noir.

In the same few scenes, the climax feels morally contradictory and leaves room for thought. A beauty parlor woman draws mehendi on a blushing bride, while next to an abusive wedding or a handcuffed Hamza is suddenly asked by a rude wife to peel vegetables…and other such nuances are captured closely.

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