China Made a Fake Sun Temperature is 5 Times Hotter than the Real Sun

India’s neighboring country China is known for producing fake goods of genuine brands, where you will get to see cheap copies of world-famous luxury products. In such a situation, China has prepared a copy of the real Sun, showing its imitation skills, whose pictures are becoming quite viral on social media. 

The Chinese company claims that the artificial sun created by them is up to 5 times hotter and brighter than the real sun, whose light can not only meet the lack of lights but also create additional energy. Will go 

Artificial Sun kept burning for 17 minutes 

The real Sun at the center of our solar system is hot all the time, but the artificial Sun created by Chinese companies and scientists takes a few seconds to reach a certain hot temperature. 

Chinese scientists lit an artificial sun during an experiment, which managed to burn for about 17 minutes and 36 seconds. During this time the temperature of that simulated Sun had reached about 70 million degrees Celsius, which is 5 times hotter than the temperature of the real Sun. 

Fake Sun Designed for Nuclear Machines 

The main purpose of making this fake sun by China is to continue the process of nuclear fusion and nuclear experiments, for which a lot of energy is spent. In such a situation, the energy generated with the help of this fake sun will be used to run powerful nuclear devices and machines. 

Not only this, apart from the day, this artificial sun will also shine at night, due to which the people of China will not have to depend on electricity only for illumination. This shining sun will be placed in the sky of China, which will give light in the day as well as at night. 

Will generate electricity by the year 2040 

However, so far, Chinese scientists are doing various experiments on this artificial sun, under which the energy generated from it is expected to generate electricity by the year 2040. This simulated Sun generates a hot temperature of up to 70 million degrees Celsius, while the real Sun’s temperature is around 15 million degrees Celsius. 

More than 10 thousand Chinese and foreign companies have worked together day and night to make this artificial sun, which everyone has high hopes about the creation of this fake sun. Now it will be interesting to see whether China can get electricity from Artificial Sun by the year 2040. 

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