Businesses Nobody Has Exploited: 5 Ideas

When you think about starting a business you can follow one of two paths:

  • Undertake something that already exists and improve the model
  • Start something new, never before exploited and make it successful

The first option is much safer and will allow you to get a lot of information from an existing and proven market. The second, on the other hand, represents a greater risk but also the possibility of hitting first and achieving great success.

Hence, if you are inclined towards the option of exploring businesses never tried before, here we present a selection of at least 5 ideas.

They may sound a bit strange at first for obvious reasons, but the secret is to analyze them, validate their viability and make a business plan that allows them to be executed successfully.

Only those who risk going too far can find how far they can go. – TSEliot


1. Mental gyms

Unlike the well-known conventional gyms whose main purpose is physical health and the development of the body, in this type of business we will focus on something even more important: the mind.

You’d be surprised how many people over the age of 50 are concerned about a decline in their mental abilities and are in need of solutions to help them keep their memory, emotional skills, and brain skills sharp.

The strategy must be based on games and guided activities with scientific support and at the same time measurement mechanisms that allow evaluating the progress of your new clients. Without a doubt an interesting challenge.

2. Baby items rental

For those of us who have experienced the fortune of having a baby, we know that it is a wonderful and unique experience. However, it also has its dilemmas. And one of them probably the most common to face is the speed with which clothes, utensils and toys become obsolete.

The investment to offer everything new to our little children is something laudable, but difficult and expensive in many cases.

Hence, the proposal of this business idea is to build an inventory of clothes, toys, cribs, carriages, footwear and all kinds of baby items in good condition that are usually used for a very short term and rent them to reduce spending. what this represents.

3. Airport entertainment

Have you spent long hours waiting in an airport waiting to board your flight? This same thing happens to thousands of people every day. Most of them only have access to restaurants and the uncomfortable waiting rooms.

The proposal then consists of creating entertainment spaces inside airports so that travelers can get bored less “and consume more” by having short shows, TV rooms with streaming to watch their favorite series, business centers, areas for naps, gyms, libraries, mini-theatres, etc.

Would you pay for something like this? I’m sure yes, and all in order to make time pass faster or at least be more entertaining.

4. Application to locate available car parks in the area

If something is frustrating, especially in big cities, it is having to go around many times in traffic looking for available parking spaces.

Having a digital mechanism that would allow going directly to a place knowing availability and price would be very useful for those who drive and for all other drivers who would benefit from downloading access roads more quickly.

Fuel savings would be another great advantage and many of us would be willing to pay a small membership for this service instead.

5. Trial jobs or trial jobs?

Many people struggle with the dilemma of not knowing which direction to take with their work life. They are looking for a job but they cannot get a job because of their fear of not knowing what they will face.

Therefore, a company that will help you take jobs on a temporary basis to be able to experience the environment, the requirements, the type of work, the challenges and the work environment, would be great to know if it is what you want or not.

On the other hand, companies would benefit from hiring personnel who really identify with and feel comfortable with the position they will have to cover.


Remember that many of today’s great companies were founded on ideas that didn’t exist and that someone at some point thought were crazy, not to say “absurd.”

That is why the great challenge is to study them, shape them and dare to take the risk of implementing them.

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