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Friends, you must have heard the name of soy milk, soy milk is used to make many things like milk, curd and cheese, which is in demand all the time. Let us tell you that fat is not found in soybeans and protein is found in abundance. Soybean is the main in it and by the consumption of soybean, many nutritious food goes inside the children.

As you would know that cow and buffalo milk is not good for digestion, but on the other hand, soy milk gets digested very quickly, due to which its consumption benefits diabetic patients.

What is soybean?

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If you do not know what soybean is, then let me tell you that it is like cow and buffalo milk, which is made with the help of soybean seeds. The biggest thing is that it is cheaper than milk and with its use we can easily make curd, cheese and many things made from milk.

How to make Soya milk?

Let us tell you that first you have to buy soya from the market near you and then you will need the following things –

  • Soybean seeds are needed.
  • RO water is very important.
  • Sugar will be needed.
  • Flavors are required.
  • A packing bottle will be needed.

Machine for making soya milk?

If you want to make soy milk then you need the following machines –

  • soya grinder machine
  • steam machine
  • boiler machine
  • Cheese Press Machine

Location for making soya milk

When you make soy milk, then you need 200 square meter to 250 square meter space. Apart from this, wherever you make soy milk, there should be a system of electricity and water.

How to make Soya milk?

If you have the right place, utensils, machine and material then you will be able to make it in the following way –

  • First of all, you have to soak soybean seeds in hot water for 8 to 10 hours.
  • Now remove it from warm water and wash it 2-3 times with clean water.
  • Now put soyabean seeds in the diya grinder machine along with ro water.
  • Put the extracted okaya and the previous milk in the grinder again.
  • Now your milk is ready, but to correct its temperature, you should heat it with the help of a machine. Its temperature should be from 100 to 110 degrees.

Benefits of Soya Milk?

It has many benefits, so it is often advised, its benefits are as follows –

  • Its consumption strengthens the bones.
  • Its consumption reduces obesity and it is a good remedy for obese people.
  • By consuming it, we get relief in nail acne.
  • With its help, we can improve our digestive system.
  • By consuming it, we get a lot of benefits in diabetes.


Friends, today I have given you many information related to the business of soy milk, so that if you are also going to do business with it, then you must have got all the information.

I hope that my article will benefit you and you will be successful in this business and all the questions related to soya milk business in your mind would have ended, still if you have any question in your mind, then you can comment with us. Through this you can know the answer.

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