Burning meteorites appeared in the sky of Madhya Pradesh-Maharashtra

Hindustan News Time. The Malwa-Nimar and Khandwa regions of Madhya Pradesh witnessed meteor showers on Saturday night. The incident was witnessed by hundreds of residents of the area. The incident is said to have happened around 8 pm. Many people made videos of this astronomical event, which soon went viral across the country. According to the information, this incident has also been seen in some areas of Maharashtra.

There have also been reports of meteor showers in some areas of Khandwa of Madhya Pradesh. As soon as the burning meteors appeared in the sky, people started talking about it. This information has also been received from Bhopal-based Meteorological Center that there has been rain of meteor bodies in Khandwa-Malwa-Nimar. Meteor shower is a common astronomical event.

In this way, meteors keep falling on the earth for twenty-four hours, but their size does not increase. Saturday’s meteor shower was in the group so it appeared in the sky. Meteorites are in the form of a tail star. When they fall, their brightness is so high that even people within a radius of 200 to 300 km can see it in the sky.

The age of small meteorites is around 100 years or so. They go round the solar system and enter the atmosphere of any planet. Eyewitnesses told in Dhar, Madhya Pradesh that it looked like a shining missile in the sky. Hundreds of people witnessed the incident in the rural areas of Dhar. People also made videos of it in Nallachha and Bagdi of Dhar and made it viral on social media.

It is estimated that the extent of this celestial event ranged from some areas of Madhya Pradesh to some areas of Maharashtra. Most of the claims of seeing this phenomenon are being made in these areas.

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