Breast Cancer Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Breast cancer is a cancer that starts from the breast. In this, when the cells of the breast start growing more than necessary. In breast cancer, the cells take the form of a tumor. Breast cancer is more common in women. But it would not be wrong to say that men can also get breast cancer. Know how breast cancer is caused? What is its treatment and symptoms?

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Breast Cancer

There has been an increase in the number of breast cancer patients in the recent past. Breast cancer is becoming a common disease all over the world. One in 100 women in India is suffering from breast cancer. This cancer is also seen in men, but very rarely.

In today’s time women also want to stand on their own feet. Due to home work, office and child care, she is unable to pay attention to her health. There are many such common diseases in women. One of them is breast cancer.

Types of breast cancer

1. Invasive Ductal Carcinoma – 80% of cancers spread through the ductal carcinoma. In this, the fat starts increasing rapidly in the milk duct. In this, the milk wall starts developing rapidly outwards.

2. Invasive lobular carcinoma – In this cell tissue does not grow. It remains behind the milk wall. It spreads slowly. In this the milk wall turns red. The pain starts.

At present, two other types of cancer are also being found. The first in this is inflammatory breast cancer. It is found in 1% of women. But it spreads very fast.

There is a high risk of losing the life of women in this. Fourth type of cancer – Paget’s disease. In this, the nipple area becomes completely black. Which can be cured if treated at the right time.

Breast Cancer Symptoms

In the beginning, the symptoms of breast cancer are not known. But it depends on the type of breast cancer. Usually breast cancer can have symptoms of a lump. But not every lump can be a symptom of cancer. If a lump is detected on the breast, then definitely consult a doctor.

  • Feeling of hard lump in breast. always feeling pain.
  • Dirty water or blood coming out of the milk wall.
  • Change in breast size.
  • Redness of milk wall.

Breast cancer can be reduced by-

According to the researcher, breast cancer can be reduced by making lifestyle changes. Breast cancer can be reduced by exercising regularly. There are some other tips by which breast cancer can be reduced. But we cannot say that it applies to every woman.

1. Doing physical exercise regularly

Breast cancer can be reduced by being physically active. Every woman should do physical exercise for at least 30 minutes a day or should be well active at home. Do not let the fat increase in the body. The body weight should be checked from time to time. Obesity can also be a cause of breast cancer.

2. Consumption of cigarettes or alcohol can cause breast cancer.

In the changing times, women have also become addicted to cigarettes and alcohol. Alcohol affects the breast of women. Due to which the risk of breast increases by 10 percent from normal women. Avoid consuming it. The same rule applies to cigarettes as well. Smoking promotes breast cancer, especially in postmenopausal women.

3. Breastfeeding

In the changing world, women do not breastfeed their child to keep their body fit. The longer you breastfeed your baby, the lower the risk of breast cancer.

4. Birth control pills

At the age of 35, women use birth control pills to avoid pregnancy. Those who have a higher risk of getting breast cancer. You can reduce it by discontinuing these pills. Especially those women who smoke the contraceptive pill should be stopped. If you are showing symptoms of breast cancer.

5. Eating nutritious food

To avoid breast cancer, a balanced diet should be consumed. Fruits, juices and green leafy vegetables should be included in your diet. Fast food like Burger, Chowmein, Colddring should not be consumed from outside.

Those women should take special care whose family, mother or sister has any complaint of breast cancer, then they should take special care. That is why it becomes important for women to know their family history.

Breast Cancer Treatment

  1. surgical oncology
  2. Radiation Oncology
  3. medical oncology treatment
  4. cobalt 60
  5. Book an appointment with our best cancer doctors

National Breast Cancer Awareness day 2022

National Cancer Awareness Day is celebrated in India on 7 November. The day highlights the importance of raising awareness about cancer prevention and early detection to the general public. The National Cancer Control Program was started in 1975 to facilitate the treatment of cancer in the country.

Disclaimer :- All the information given in this post is general information. The fulfillment of breast cancer claims is subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. Be sure to consult a doctor if symptoms appear.

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