Bihar: Suryansh Kumar 13 year old owns 56 digital platforms – True or False

13 Year Old Boy Owns 56 Digital Platforms: At the same age in which children study in class 7th, this child living in Muzaffar Nagar, Bihar has created 56 digital platforms.

Bihar: There is a dialogue of Hrithik Roshan’s film Super 30 ‘There is no shortage of talent, there is no means’ Similar is the situation in the state of Bihar where there is no shortage of talent, if there is a shortage, then only means.

Just look at this 13 year old child living in Muzaffar Nagar of the state. Suryansh Kumar has set up 56 digital platforms at the age in which children play touch-touch.

Suryansh Kumar, 13, is a resident of Amma village of Katra block of Muzaffar Nagar. Suryansh has now reached in 10th. He started his first digital platform by making it in class 9th.

Got the idea while shopping online

While doing online shopping on the day of Suryansh, then the idea came to his mind ‘why not make such a digital platform where delivery of any item can be done within 30 minutes’ The family members also motivated him on Suryansh’s idea. Suryansh’s is widely used, while his Mantra Fry, a cryptocurrency related platform, is also about to be launched.

How much money do you earn from these platforms

Suryansh has created 56 such digital platforms but they do not generate income. But Suryansh works 18 hours a day to monetize his sites. They also study but do not go to school.

Suryansh’s parents run an NGO. His father’s NGO is associated with the UN. His father Santosh Kumar and mother Archana say that at the age of play, their child is running a digital platform which is inspiring for other people as well.

Suryansh tells that he gets full support of the whole family in his work. Suryansh has also written a book called The Smash Gaye and now he is also writing a book related to finance.

Suryansh Digital Platforms

Suryansh’s digital platforms include Mantrafai, Jas Business, Gypsy Cabs, Jasify, Jas Health, Jas Jollies, Mantra-Coin, Jas Brands, Jas Tech, Jas Snap, Bulbuli etc. All digital platforms are operated under Suryansh Kontech Pvt Ltd.

Suryansh Company Details

List Of 56 Start-Up Companies Started and Run By The Youngest CEO Suryansh

 ✔ – Means Company Which Are In Operations

Names Of All The Companies :-

-> Mantra-Fi – Cryptocurrency Company  –  ✔  –

-> Jass Business – E-Commerce Company   –   ✔  –

-> Zeepsy Cabs – Ridesharing Cab Company

-> Mantra Coin – Cryptocurrency Token  –  ✔   –

-> Jass Tech – Software Development Company  –  ✔ –

-> Choolbooli – Short Video App

-> Mantra-Fi Learn – EdTech Platform For Crypto  –  ✔  –

-> Jass Snap – Messenger Company

-> Jass Mart – Retail Mart

-> Jass Waves – Share Market Investment Firm   –  ✔  –

-> Jassify – Digital Marketing Company  –  ✔  –

-> Jass Loop – Super App For Suryansh Contech

-> Jass Brands – Brand Management Company

-> Jass Meet – Video Communication Company

-> Jass Pay – Payment Gateway

-> Jass Logistics – Delivery Services Company

-> Jass Engine – Search Engine   –   ✔  –

-> Jass Dictionary – Digital Dictionary  –  ✔  –

-> Jass Rooms – Hospitality Hotel Services Like OYO

-> – Matrimonial Website   –   ✔  –

-> Mantra Traders – A Crypto Trading Firm

-> Mantra Mint – A 12% p2p Lending Platform

-> Jass Apparels – A GEN-Z Clothing Brand

-> Jass Games – An Esport Organization And Game Development Company

-> Growwmore – Educational Platform For Entrepreneurs

-> Jass Browser – A Private Web Browser

-> Jass Jollies – Ad Media Advertising Company   –   ✔

-> Jass International School – School Chain For Best Knowledge

-> Jass Tube – A Video Sharing Platform

-> Jass Space – Private Space Company  –   ✔  –

-> Neuraconnect – Brain Chips Company

-> Jass Health – A Health Services And Medicine Company

-> Jass Corporates – Export And Import Business

-> Jass Builders – A Construction Company

-> Jass Sim – A Telecommunication Company

-> Jass Network – A Social Media Company And Television Channel Network

-> Jass Dairy – A Dairy Products Company

-> Jass Agriculture Projects – A Agriculture Solutions Company

-> Jass Express – A News/Media Company  –  ✔  –

-> – A Prasad Seller Marketplace

-> Jass Properties – A Real Estate Search Portal

-> Jass Services – Any Services At Door Steps

-> Give Universe – A Crowdfunding Platform

-> Small Brain – A Social Media Educational Channel

-> Jass Networking Services – Multi Level Marketing Company

-> Jass 2.0 – An Ai Research Company

-> Jass Berry – A Consumer Electronics Company

-> Jass Naukri – Biggest Jobs Portal Of The World  –   ✔  –

-> Mantra Sea – A Nft Marketplace

-> JassLance – A Micro Job Portal

-> Jass APK – APK App Platform

-> Jass Airlines – A Airlines Company

-> The Mantra Community – A Crypto Community  –  ✔  –

-> Jass Foods – Food Delivery App

-> Jass Talent Awards – Awards To Changemakers

-> Litigator Network – An Advocate News/Social Media Platform   –  ✔  –

These Companies Details Original Source is:

Truth about Suryansh Kumar

Last 3-4 Days all news channel and most popular Digital Platform are focus on this news and showing these details on his channel and platform. But We will clear all doubts.

These are details are fake and yes we agree they are registered his own company which name is Suryansh Contech Pvt Ltd but which details are they mention these all are fakes.

They are not register any 56 digital platform even from 56 Platform only 6-7 websites are working and remaining is not working. Mostly links are from free creation websites like and these websites are count in Web 2.0 or Free websites.

It’s not a difficult part to make his own profile on these all platform. Truth is this they spend money only for Coming on all platform. But its wrong because they speak lie and playing with other’s people emotion.

So we request to all of you please don’t take it serious this news.

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