Big Announcement by Elon Musk’s, after Twitter, will now buy Coca Cola

After buying Twitter, Tesla CEO is now preparing to buy Coca Cola. Musk told in his tweet that he will now buy Coca-Cola. In his tweet, Elon Musk said that he will now buy Coca Cola and reintroduce caffeine in it. He has been tweeting one after the other since he bought Twitter. Along with this, he is also replying to the tweets being shared by the people in his own style.

Tweet came soon

Elon Musk’s tweet to buy Coca-Cola became viral on social media as soon as it came. The tweet has got about one million likes in a single hour, while 2.5 lakh people have retweeted the tweet. Musk has been very active on Twitter for the last twenty four hours and is continuously tweeting one after the other. Some time ago, he shared a screenshot of a tweet and wrote – Listen, I can’t do miracles.


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