Best AI Courses in India 2022

Artificial Intelligence, something that has had a significant impact on our lives, is now present everywhere.

There is someone in the form of AI to help you anywhere you get stuck in your tasks related to smart gadgets. AI bots are there to invest your money on the right shares; AI-powered Google Maps or other navigation systems are there to help you find your way; there are bots to help you shop your grocery and book your LPG refill on time; when you have some problem, first bots try to help you, if the problem persists, then human intervention is made.

AI has become the frontrunner in the tech world today. The technology is applied in almost every industry, making every company a tech one. Top industries that use Artificial Intelligence extensively include:

  • Education
  • Retail and eCommerce
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
  • Real Estate
  • Travel
  • Banking and Finance
  • Travel
  • Food Technology
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Manufacturing

The list is endless. As long as companies rely on data for decision-making and improvements in several aspects, there is going to be a massive demand for AI professionals. The evolution of AI has further fueled the demand for these professionals.

This has eventually fueled the increase in the number of professionals looking for careers in AI. Massive job opportunities in every corner of the world have made the need for online courses in the domain inevitable.

The best part of taking an online course is that it doesn’t require you to disturb your schedule, and you can attend online sessions at any time. Also, a good training course ensures that the learning content is dispensed via industry experts active in their domain. In addition, it should provide career guidance so that you land your dream job.

With so many free and accessible options over the Internet, it is difficult to choose from plenty of Certificate courses available in the market. You should explore the features of different AI courses carefully and choose the one with the best features that suit you the best.

This article will clear the air regarding all the doubts you may come across while looking for an online training course. Go through the list below to find the best one.

1. Artificial Intelligence Engineer by Simplilearn

When it comes to an online training course, Simplilearn comes on the top. This edtech giant has simplicity in its name itself. So, as the name suggests, it provides you with a simplified learning experience.

An online Bootcamp by Simplilearn ensures an immersive learning experience that enables you to:

  • Develop skills for real career growth by providing a cutting-edge curriculum that is specifically curated by experts
  • Learn by working on real-world problems and not just theoretical concepts. This includes Capstone projects based on real-world data sets with virtual labs to ensure hands-on practice
  • Structured guidance that includes round-the-clock learning assistance from mentors as well as a community of like-minded professionals
  • Doubt sessions to make sure that you are clear about all the tools and techniques learned throughout the course

The tools covered in this AI course include Apache Spark, Pandas, NumPy, SciPy, TensorFlow, Keras, Python, Scala, R, and more.

This course provides an IBM certificate as well as a course completion certificate by Simplilearn that makes your resume stand out.

Career guidance in the form of the JobAssist program ensures that you get the job that you desire to land.

With such powerful features, this Artificial Intelligence course by Simplilearn is worth a try!!

2. Artificial Intelligence by GreatLearning

In collaboration with the University of Texas at Austin and McCombs School of Business, Great Learning is here with power-packed features in the form of an AI course.

The industry-relevant curriculum is so designed that it enriches your knowledge about the concepts of Artificial Intelligence, including Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, Python, Neural Networks, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning.

Some of the top features of this course include:

  • Around 8 industry sessions
  • Many practice hackathons
  • 1 on 1 career coaching sessions that ensure proper training
  • Connecting sessions with peers and like-minded people that ensure compliance
  • More than three company-sponsored hackathons that ensure that you practice hands-on with all the essential tools and techniques used in this domain
  • Many practice case studies so that you can gain imperative knowledge of the technology

This course by GreatLearning is designed mainly for working professionals that don’t disturb your routine. You can learn anytime, anywhere through online videos by world-class faculties, network with like-minded people to improve your network, get assistance on projects to improve your concepts, and the dedicated program support to help you with queries.

3. Artificial Intelligence Course for EveryOne by Coursera

One of the best Artificial Intelligence courses out there in the market is offered by Coursera. This course covers topics such as machine learning, its capabilities, and all the technical aspects of deep learning and machine learning.

Short quizzes at the end of every session let you easily grasp difficult concepts.

This beginner-level course is ideal for professionals who wish to transition their careers in this domain.

4. Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree Program by Udacity

This Nanodegree program by Udacity equips you with the basic concepts of building your own neural network by mastering all the basic concepts, including PyTorch, Matplotlib, Calculus, Pandas, NumPy, Python, Linear Algebra, and more.

This course also ensures that you get hands-on practice of all the tools and techniques with the help of real-world projects that lets you master the concepts in depth. Flexible deadlines, portfolio-building assistance, and technical mentor support.

You can give this course a try.


The point to be noted is that Artificial Intelligence has created many new jobs that require you to possess an advanced skillset. Since technology is evolving at an unimaginable pace, you must reskill yourself frequently.

There are many courses that enable you to acquire the skills required for a career in Artificial Intelligence. If you are determined to transition your career in this domain, you can compare the features of top courses and get yourself registered in the one that fits you best.

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