Such a class which is sticking posters anonymously. These handwritten posters have signs of frustration towards political parties. Somewhere there is an appeal to vote for NOTA, and somewhere the path leading to a political office has been written as ‘corrupt path’. 

The ‘Bhrasht-Path’ poster at the roundabout connecting Gurdwara Rakabganj Road and Pant Marg in New Delhi has become a topic of discussion in political circles.

There is also a state office of a national party adjacent to it. So who can be the one to put up such a poster? Its discovery was being reported. Many leaders were very angry. It was said to be the handiwork of the ticket cutters. 

However, even Netaji calmed down when a reporter told him that such anonymous posters had been put up at many places. It is not just about you or your party.

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