Akshay Kumar left Vimal’s side after Apologizing to the Public

The image of Bollywood star Akshay Kumar has been such that he never does any morally wrong thing. And this is the reason that when he recently appeared in Vimal Elaichi e-Ad, the fans were both disappointed and angry with him. Fans said that they did not expect such a thing from Akshay.

If you still do not know what was the reason for this, then tell that this ad may have been of cardamom, but the brand for which Akshay did this is known for making pan masala.

Well, now Akshay has apologized to the public for doing this add-on and appealed to his fans on social media that he will pay a little more attention before adding in future.

Sharing a note on Twitter on Wednesday night, Akshay wrote, “I’m sorry. I want to apologize to you, to all my fans and well wishers. Your reaction in the last few days has affected me a lot.

Although, I have not and will not promote tobacco, I respect your sentiments that emerged on my association with Vimal Elaichi. With all humility, I step back. I have decided that with the full fee received from this endorsement, I will cooperate in some good cause.”

Akshay further said that as long as the duration of his contract with Vimal is legally bound, they can continue running his ad. But he will take great care about his choice in future. He further wrote in the note, “In return, I will always ask for your love and best wishes.”

Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Prithviraj’ is all set to release on June 3, 2022. In this film, he is playing the role of Emperor Prithviraj and with him Manushi Chillar, who was Miss World in the role of Princess Sanyukta, is going to debut.

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