5G In India: Airtel and Jio will start 5G service from August

5G In India: Telecom and Internet service provider companies Jio and Airtel are about to start 5G service in India. Jio 5G will start from August 15, while Airtel 5G service will also start in a few days. Airtel has partnered with Nokia and Erection for 5G, in which Airtel 5G Sim and Airtel 5G Offer can be available on purchase of mobiles of these two companies. At the same time, initially Jio can offer Jio 5G in 5G Sim.

Airtel MD and CEO Gopal Vithal has said that the company is all set to launch 5G in India and for this, along with its best technology partners, will give full benefits of 5G connectivity to the customers of the country.

How much will 5G cost more than 4G?

Who Much 5G Will Be Expansive Than 4G: Telecom Minister Ashwani Vaishnav says that the 5G recharge plan will be decided by the industry itself, so the attack will have to wait. Experts believe that 5G service in India can be 10-15% costlier than 4G. That is, the monthly pack of Rs 200 you get in 4G can be up to Rs 250 in 5G.

What will be the speed of 5G in India

5G Internet Speed ​​In India: By the way, 4G is called 100Mbps and 5G is called 10000Mbps. But no company provides more than 25Mbps internet speed anywhere in the whole of India, you can get maximum speed of 100 Mbps in 5G. At present, the average speed of 4G is not more than 6-7 Mbps.

Which country has the fastest 5G internet in the world

World Fastest 5G Internet Country : The country with the fastest 5G internet in the world is South Korea, where the average speed is 462.48 Mbps. Whereas Norway gets 426.75 Mbps, UAE 406.96, Cutter 340.62, Sweden 305.72, China 299,04 Taiwan 296.63 and New Zealand 296.55 Mbps.

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