Affiliate Marketing: Recommend a Product and Earn Money

Surely you have read that one of the best ways to earn money online is affiliate marketing , right?

But do you know what it is? Is it easy to earn money like this? what you have to do? what can you recommend? where to find these affiliate programs?

To tell the truth, it is one of the best methods to generate income online and anyone can do it, but it is neither the fastest nor the easiest… If you want to know more, keep reading and you will discover more about this method that I use on my blog.

What is affiliate marketing about?

Simply put, it is about recommending products or services.

In fact, it is something you already do with your friends, your co-workers, with your children, with your family. Every day. In front of the TV or having a beer.

On the internet, this recommendation is known as affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing.

The definition of affiliate marketing in my words: it is to recommend a product or service that you liked, to your friends or acquaintances, and receive a commission for a specific action (purchase, registration, etc.). In other words, the idea is to bring customers to an internet business.

If you think about it, we are all mobile advertising agents. We spend the day advising or discouraging products or services:

  • “Have you tried the new L’Oreal shampoo that they advertise on TV yet?”
  • “The other day I tried the Carrefour pizzas, and they are great”
  • “You should read this book , it is very good”
  • “Have you bought from Amazon? The delivery service is super fast”

We spend our days comparing, evaluating and testing the best option. And then we share it with our friends.

So why not monetize this?

The idea is to recommend a product, an offer, a service to your environment and in return receive financial compensation for it.

affiliate programs
Recommend to your environment something that you liked a lot!

But how to do it? How does the company know that it was you who recommended them?

For an online company to know that this new client comes from you, you will have to use an affiliate link that contains your information and that will be provided by the company. This link is unique and allows you to identify the people who have reached the page thanks to your recommendation. Thus, when this person performs an action (a registration, a purchase, etc.) you will receive the agreed commission.

What kind of product can you recommend?

In reality there is no limit of products or services (within the law, of course!). You can recommend an online bank, a book, some vitamins, an online casino, writing training, etc.

The main interest of companies that offer affiliate programs is: encourage people to talk about their products and recommend them , improving their image and visibility. This is why this type of marketing can be used with any product or service.

Below I will tell you where you can find these affiliate programs to earn money for your recommendations.

How much can you earn in affiliate programs?

The remuneration you receive will depend on the type of product and the affiliate program.

Some brands pay you a commission per sale that goes from 3% to 6%, others pay you a fixed commission for a certain action .

There are some bloggers who live on affiliate income, but to get to this point they have had to work hard before.

As I told you at the beginning, this is not a quick method, so do not expect that just by putting your affiliate link, the euros will start to rain . I wish! But no, the reality is different.

To make money with affiliate marketing, you are going to have to work and be consistent.

Who can join affiliate programs?

Anyone can recommend something to anyone else, a product or a service, so there are no requirements you need to meet to use this method.

It is true that on the internet, if you have a blog or a website you will be able to reach more people and that will be noticeable in the profits.

However, you can use your Facebook profile or Twitter account to post the link to the product you want to recommend. And obviously, you can also share it directly by email.

How to make money with affiliate marketing?

There are several ways to promote a product and earn a commission for it.

Affiliate platforms

This is the most common way to recommend.

Once you have registered, you will be able to search for the brands of the products or services that you are interested in recommending. When they accept your profile, you can use the material (banners, text links, etc.) to make the promotion. Each affiliate link provided to you will allow you to track or track the users you have referred.

Affiliate programs directly with the company

Some brands have their own affiliate programs.

So if you have searched for a company on the platforms above and it was not there, it is possible that it has its own program. Do not hesitate to go to the brand page and look for the option “Affiliate program”.

The process is similar to the previous one, you will have to register and they will evaluate your candidacy. Once the conditions are accepted, you will have access to your affiliate link and you can start recommending the product or service.

Affiliate programs directly with a blog

Just like businesses, some bloggers who have their own products also use their own affiliate programs.

If you follow a blog and you liked their ebook or their training, you can request to be their affiliate to promote their products or services, and also get some commissions.

The advantages of affiliate marketing

The advantage is quite evident: you will receive some commissions .

You liked a product, so you want other people to benefit from it too because you really think it’s great, and that’s why you recommend it.

They buy the product using your affiliate link, and everyone is happy : you because you just got a commission , and they because they bought a quality product (and often at a discount because they used an affiliate link).


The problem is that some people abuse this system.

Some bloggers or bloggers have started recommending anything to their readers, without even trying the product.

It is very easy to make up an opinion about a product and give it only valuable qualities: people are more easily convinced, buy the product and voilà! Commissions in your pocket.

There are also some who literally make their business out of it. They build niche pages based solely on affiliates, using for example the Amazon affiliate program, and recommend anything without any critical point of view.

So is it okay or not?

Using affiliate marketing is fine as long as you don’t mislead people. Some people abuse and invent opinions, but in the end it is easy to detect them.

affiliate marketing
Recommend only what you have tried

The best way to do affiliate marketing is to only talk about products that you have tried yourself or those that you know for sure are good (internet reviews, public surveys, etc.). Obviously, these sources should be verified, as they may be other sites whose sole purpose is for you to buy, as they will then receive commissions through affiliate programs.

Are you an affiliate?

Yes. I had already told you, I am affiliated with some products . But only of products that I myself have tried or that the opinions are very positive.

Never, read it carefully: I would NEVER recommend a product or a page that does not work.

The reason is simple: although in the short term I could earn a little more money, in the long term I will lose your trust.

My goal with the blog is to build a community of people who trust me , with whom I can exchange good ideas and can talk honestly. Earning 12 euros more per month for recommending a bad product does absolutely nothing for me in the long run, except for your mistrust.

So don’t worry, the products and services I’m talking about and will talk about have been objectively analyzed . I will not leave out any drawbacks, because in order to decide to buy or not, you must have all the cards in your hand. And only in the case where it seems like a good opportunity for you, I will add an affiliate link and the mention “affiliate link” or something similar. If you notice, for example, in the article “ manual jobs from home ” that I consider it suspicious, I have not put any affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing: a safe value

For me, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online, as long as you do it honestly. You can set it up in a few minutes and you can share your knowledge of a brand or page that you really liked.

I am not going to deceive you, you will not receive profits of hundreds or thousands of euros with this method from the beginning, but it is a good way to complete your salary. Perhaps in the medium term it can become a fairly stable source of income. And if you have your blog or website, it is one of the best ways to monetize them .

However, you have to be careful not to do it too much. Recommend only what you have already tried and liked. It seems logical, but many people are willing to do anything to earn a little money.

And you, have you already tried affiliate programs? What affiliate platform would you recommend?

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