A First Step Towards Social Media Marketing

We all know that social networks have changed the way the world moves.

In the blink of an eye, many things now revolve around networks and Apps. And although we still do not depend 100% on them to live and breathe, at times it seems as if there is another world in there for those who are always connected.

On the one hand, there are those who spend all the time talking and chatting with their contacts. And on the other we have those who do not want to know anything about Facebook or all those things that make them feel as if all this were superficial and a waste of time.

But for those of us who do businessor for those of us who run a small or medium-sized business and are constantly looking for better strategies to attract more customers and sell more. What do social networks represent?


I’ve said it before, social networks can be seen from different angles. They can be a means of communication, entertainment or a powerful tool to strengthen and grow your company.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners know that social networks have enormous advantages and the most important of them is probably its enormous potential to attract new customers at very low costs, especially compared to the costs of traditional advertising media.

What you probably don’t know is that social networks are NOT another means of advertising . And that is the main reason why they often do not get the results they want.

Yes, you read right. They do not work the same as a traditional medium and therefore, if they are intended to operate in the same way, the only thing that is achieved is frustration and poor results.

Of course, this is a difficult topic to explain in a few lines, that is why I want to pause and invite you to learn about my Digital School where I have a Digital Marketing video course in which you can learn the basics and the latest news. in online strategy for your business.

It is designed for people who actually want to take that first step to understand the essential issues of social networks and immerse themselves in this ecosystem that will surely give them excellent results.


Although I am sure that this course will open your mind to new possibilities, I would like to recommend some tips so that you can start today and take the first step towards mastering digital strategies:

  • Do not take social networks lightly , they are a powerful tool but it is necessary to understand their logic of operation
  • Do not underestimate what can be achieved with them
  • Don’t wait until it’s too late to start a social media plan, the sooner the better
  • Don’t ” rest on your laurels ” while your competition is already doing something

And if I could list some practical steps they would be the following:

  • Investigate which social networks are the most convenient based on the profile of your potential client
  • Prepare your social media plan, you probably need initial advice from an expert
  • Hire a trained community manager, there are those who work very well for results
  • Acquire some basic tools for designing and managing social networks
  • Focus on publishing content using the 80-20 rule (80% valuable content and 20% commercial content)

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