A 21-year-old girl fell in love with a 50-year-old man

A 21 year old girl fell in love with a 50 year old coach. But when he disclosed this on social media, people started trolling him due to the age gap of 29 years. In such a situation, 21-year-old Natalie Noble has responded to the troll. Partner, he has spoken openly about his relationship.

Let us tell you that the pair of 21-year-old Natalie Noble and 50-year-old Bobby Lindsay are in the headlines on social media. Both live together in Kentucky, USA and are very happy in their life. Recently, Natalie uploaded a video on her TikTok account and told how people call her good and bad due to age gap.

The couple told that people troll them because of the age gap of 29 years, but regardless of this, they are busy loving each other. Natalie says that age is just a number. Natalie recently hit back at the troll and said- ‘I am 21 years old and fully capable of taking my own decisions. We are living our lives and you guys live yours.

Natalie was heartbroken for 29-year-old coach
Natalie and Bobby first met in the year 2015. Then Natalie used to go to Bobby to learn tennis, that is, Bobby was her coach.



Natalie says that there was no such feeling between us at that time. But within a few days we started coming closer to each other. We liked being together, talking, traveling. Later both of us started living together.

Parents were angry

According to Natalie, when the parents came to know about my relationship, they got angry. Natalie’s mother talked to her boyfriend of 50 years, Bobby, and gave her an ultimatum. The mother asked Bobby to separate from the daughter. At the same time, the father advised Natalie to get ‘brain treatment’.

However, all this did not affect Natalie and she remained adamant on staying with Bobby. This relationship of Natalie was like a shock to her family and friends. According to the report, Natalie’s parents have divorced and have been living separately for a long time.

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