5 Things to keep in Mind before giving Interview

Every youth should prepare thoroughly before giving interview. Interview is a type of exam in which a small mistake can make you miss the opportunity. Most of the youth also take the help of professionals many times to prepare for this exam. 

Generally, while giving an interview, keep in mind that you should answer as much as you are asked. Sometimes speaking too much also tarnishes your image in front of the other person. Here we are discussing some such things which you have to avoid speaking during the interview.

You should have complete information about what your company does Don’t ask the interviewer what the company does. 

Show him that you have complete knowledge about the company. During the interview, do not give information about the company whose information is available on the company’s website. 

That is, it should not seem that whatever information you have got about the company, it has been received from the website. During the interview, try to discuss the things you know about the company apart from the website. any salary will work

This is the toughest question asked during the interview. The interviewer will want to know from you how much salary you want. You must understand one thing that this is not a game. This is a necessity. When asked how much salary you want, don’t avoid this question. 

You have to tell your range. If you think your salary expectations are too high, consider it seriously. Think honestly about whether your ability is worth what you want or not. 

Find out about the job for which you are interviewing, how much salary other companies are paying for those positions. If during the interview a company offers you a lower salary than expected, then try to increase it by negotiation.

I don’t know about this I don’t know about this. Don’t forget to say this sentence. You show that I have the will to learn. Most of the companies want to hire a person who is willing to learn about a particular field. People who are fully trained in some field, but do not want to learn, companies refrain from keeping them.

What or what can your company give me The interviewer does not want the person whose interview he is taking is a selfish person. Don’t ask what your company will give me, but try to tell what you can do for the company. 

What will be your contribution to the company? Don’t ask questions like bonuses, salary hikes and promotions right away. You are interviewing, so don’t pretend that you are doing someone a favor by doing their job.

The evil of the previous company Don’t speak ill of your previous company. Of course, you didn’t have a good experience in the previous job and you weren’t happy with your boss, but don’t mention these things in the interview. You just say that you want to move on to the new job. also keep this in mind

Do not take things easy, you may talk very openly with your friends. But all this can’t work in the interview. You may be very qualified and have complete confidence in yourself, but don’t try to pretend in the interview that you take it too easy.

Do not show ambition . When you are asked about your future strategy in the interview , your answer should be related to the company. Don’t say that after five years I would like to live in a farm house. The questioner wants answers from you about your job and what you want to do while in the company.

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