27 Craft Ideas to Sell and Earn Money from Home

Do you like crafts? If you are like me, that I not only like them but I love them!, and I take advantage of any free time I have to make some new creation… Then you have to know that selling crafts is a good way to earn money from home, and you too you can do it!

Whether with paper, with fabric, with wool, with recycled things, … when you let your imagination run wild, any material is worth it to make crafts at home.

But then, what to do with those beautiful creations?… Think about selling them and take advantage of your skills to earn extra income, or who knows, it may become your main activity in the long term.

And if you think you have no idea what you could do, don’t worry, because here I share with you 27 craft ideas to sell that you can do at home.

In this article you will find:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of doing crafts at home
  • At what price should I sell my products?
  • How many units should I make to start selling?
  • Crafts to sell: 27 ideas to get down to work
  • Where can I sell my crafts?
  • Infographics. Here is the summary🙂
  • Crafts not your thing?
  • Conclusions

Advantages and disadvantages of doing crafts at home

As you can imagine, making crafts to sell has many advantages, but also some disadvantages. Let’s see:


  • The most obvious of all the advantages and the most important, I think, is that the crafts can be done at home, and at the same time this gives rise to other advantages.
  • Since you will be able to work from home , this will allow you to spend more time with your family.
  • You can organize yourself as you prefer or as you can, your schedule is totally flexible.
  • You don’t need any previous experience and it doesn’t matter how old you are, what really matters is your creativity.
  • Of course, nobody is going to ask you for an academic certification.
  • You can offer personalized products, this adds great value.


  • At first you will not have a high income, because they do not know you yet. But this has a solution, you have to work on your brand and make yourself known by all possible means. For this you can use social networks, ask your friends to help you share, etc.
  • Some crafts you will be able to sell at a higher price than others because of the time you need to make them, because of the materials or because of their originality. But others will have low prices and you will need to sell a lot to get a good income.
  • If you want to work for another company, make sure it is reliable. Look for information and opinions of other people on the Internet, because there are many companies that can scam you by offering you manual jobs .

At what price should I sell my products?

To put an appropriate price on your products, I advise you to analyze and think about the following factors:

  • material cost
  • labor time
  • Difficulty
  • Originality
  • Compare with other similar products

It is never easy to set a correct price, but you will see that this comes with experience.😉

How many units should I make to start selling?

If you are starting out, I advise you not to do more than ten articles. Once you have sold the first products, start making more, but not before, so that you do not spend time and money not knowing if you are going to sell what you already have.

Depending on the product, you can make them in different colors or sizes. This will allow you to have a sample to show your customers and offer them in other colors or sizes.

Crafts to sell: 27 ideas to get down to work

You would like to sell your crafts but you think you have no idea what you can create. Don’t worry, here I am going to give you 27 craft ideas that you can do at home, so that you can turn your passion into income.

1. Creations in wool

crafts to sell
do you like to knit?

If you like to knit with wool, either with two needles or perhaps you prefer to do it with a crochet, here are some ideas of what you could do: scarves, hats, sweaters, vests, gloves.

And if you dare with something more dedicated to home decoration, you can do: blankets or cushions.

These items are in high demand in winter, but also in places where the weather is cold.

2. Creations in trapillo

Make crafts to sell in trapillo
You can also do different things with yarn

If your thing is to make crafts with yarn, these are some of the things you could do: rugs, puffs, baskets  etc. You could even make cushions or necklaces.

These articles are very nice also if you combine colors.

3. Baby clothes

crafts baby clothes
You can make baby clothes

Do you prefer to do something smaller?

So you can make baby clothes. These products always make great gifts for visiting new parents.

Some ideas you can make: booties, hats, bibs, jackets and you can even make blankets.

4. Make fabric cushions

Crafts cushions
Cushions for the sofa, your bed,…

Do you have a sewing machine with which you can do anything with any fabric that is put in front of you?

Surely making cushions is nothing new for you! You can make very original ones to sell them. For example, you can combine different fabrics , make different motifs, different sizes and customize them .

5. Handmade bags

Crafts to sell bags
T-shirt bag, very nice, right?

Most of us girls love to have a bag for every occasion, of all sizes and all colours. But as much offer as there is, they lack personality, don’t you think?

This weak point is what you should take advantage of if you are thinking of making crafts to sell.

Think about making original bags, with different materials, for different occasions and above all that they are unique.

You can make cloth, trapillo or leather bags .

6. Sell patterns

Crafts to do at home
Do you have your own designs?

If you are a born creator and have your own designs, but you don’t have as much time to deal with the demand. Then a perfect idea for you is to sell your patterns.

They can be patterns to make a dress, to make a sweater, some wool dolls, etc.

In this way other people can learn from you and be themselves who are going to create something following your instructions.

7. Leather accessories

Crafts to sell made of leather
You can use leather or synthetics for your creations

Leather is another of the materials that we like the most in accessories, and with which you could make bags, wallets or belts .

You can also use synthetic leather to make these accessories.

8. Hair accessories

sell hair accessories
girls accessories

Another idea of ​​crafts to sell are hair accessories, which can be for girls or for adults .

You can make fun and colorful accessories, on a theme or something more elegant, to take them to a party or event.

9. Customized T-shirts

sell custom t-shirts
Create original t-shirts

Create your own designs for t-shirts, they can be drawings or phrases and you can also do this for the little ones or for adults.

10. Jewelery and accessories

handmade bracelet
Photo of Mary Jewels

Making costume jewelery is one of the most common crafts to sell, with the great advantage that being handmade products, no two products are the same.

You can make necklaces, bracelets, earrings or rings , think about combining different colors and making different designs so that they can be used on different occasions.

The photo above belongs to one of the creations of Mary Joyas , who from her home designs different very original accessories with different materials. You can find other designs on her Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/pg/mery.joyas51/

11. Bracelet and earrings made from seeds

crafts to sell
You can use seeds to make accessories

Another idea to make accessories is to use seeds, the earrings or bracelets will be very original. In addition, you can also cover the seeds with fabric to create different models.

12. Party Decorations and Ornaments

make party decorations
Halloween decoration

Selling crafts by creating personalized party decorations will also allow you to generate some extra income .

You could sell your decorations for Halloween parties, baby showers, birthdays, baptisms, Christmas or any theme party.

13. Design Event Invitations

craft idea
Design invitations for events

This idea can be a perfect complement to the previous idea, or the other way around.

Depending on the theme of the party or event, you could customize the invitations. Use different materials, colors. Get inspired by Pinterest for example.

14. Making soaps

make soaps at home
Honey and cinnamon soap

We move on to another section of crafts that you can do at home, making soaps.

This is so much fun because you can make different fragrances: fruity, flowery or chocolate. Also, being a homemade product, it does not have the chemicals that other supermarket soaps have. And you can also give them more striking shapes such as hearts, stars or simply make them rectangular.

15. Make candles

craft candles for sale
Decorated and homemade candles

Candles are ideal for those romantic dinners, for a quiet night creating a relaxing atmosphere, and if they add a fragrance to the place, they are perfect. I love them!

If you are looking for a craft idea to sell from home, this is a very good and easy one.

Decorative candles or candles for those special moments never go out of style!

16. Make stuffed animals

Owl made of felt, cute!

When we hear the word “ teddy ” the image of a cute bear, very soft, that makes you want to hug, comes to mind, right?

But you can also make dolls in the shapes of different animals: kittens, puppies, owls, pigs, etc… And you can also use other materials instead of stuffed fabric, you can make them with wool, felt or yarn or fabric.

If I already told you at the beginning, you just have to let your imagination run wild. Well, okay, on the Internet you can also find different websites that will help you step by step to create dolls😉

17. Make keychains

sell crafts sell keychains
You can make keychains of different characters

The keychains are of different styles but with the same purpose, which one? Yes, carry your keys, although some people use them as something decorative.

You can create them with different materials: leather, felt, in the shape of animals, fruits, with beads, etc.

18. Create toys and other accessories for pets

pet toy

Pets are another member of the family, and you also have to pamper them a little, right?

They also need a bed to sleep in, a toy to entertain themselves or a coat for the coldest days.

Do not think that this idea is very far-fetched. There are many people who are willing to pay for personalized things, even when it is something for their pets.

19. Create EVA dolls

Or maybe you know them as ” fofuchas “, they are dolls made of eva rubber and they are very funny and the best of all is that they can be personalized.

If you are passionate about creating these dolls, surely you already know that you can create any version, for example, a fluffy doctor, a superhero, a girl or a boy… it is an original gift idea, so you will not be short of customers .

20. Make home decoration items with recycled packaging

Crafts with recycled things
Give a second life to packaging

Making some decorative items is a good idea for crafts to sell… but you can also make them for your home, of course!

How about having some pretty hand-painted bottles with different motifs that you can use as decoration or as vases? Also if you use recycled bottles, you will be helping the environment.

The same can be done with other recycled containers and turn them into containers for cereals, for pasta or as candle holders.

21. Decorative boxes

Handmade decorated boxes
You can use them to decorate or as jewelry boxes

Since we are talking about decoration, the boxes are another object that we can paint by hand and we can also sell them.

These boxes can be used as jewelry boxes or as decoration, but remember that it cannot be just any box, but rather a wooden one, for example, that you have painted with an original and unique design.

22. Paint pictures

paint pictures
Pincay’s photo. Title: The Harvest (2016). Painter: Pincay

Do you like painting and it also comes out very well? Do you have a special gift for making beautiful paintings? Well great, because it is another skill that can give you income.

Don’t think that because you don’t have an art gallery you can’t sell your beautiful paintings. Fortunately, our friend the Internet can help us find some websites where we can upload photos of our paintings and sell them anywhere in the world.

In this section I would like to introduce you to Pincay, passionate about painting, in his spare time he paints pictures and sells them on the Internet. The image above is from one of his works. You can find other works of his in this link:  https://www.artfinder.com/pincay .

23. Personalized Wall Clocks

make wall clock
Wall clocks for all tastes

Making watches is not that difficult and best of all, you can make them with recycled objects.

Imagine a clock made with a bicycle wheel, it would be an ideal gift for those who like cycling, right? Or, how about a clock made out of dominoes?

I’m sure you can come up with more ideas, but to give you a hand, here’s the article where I got these fun ideas to make clocks.🙂


24. Vases and original pots

Pots decorated crafts to sell
you can do them too

What if we transform those vases or pots, which seem a bit bland and without charm, into beautiful and original vases to sell them?

For example, you can paint them, you can add elements like small stones or beads and turn them into something new.

25. Sandals

decorated sandals

Another idea for you to make crafts to sell: how about transforming simple and common sandals into something original and unique for the summer.

For example, using different fabrics and combining them, you will create fresh and colorful designs.

26. Make desserts and birthday cakes to order

Tarta Frozen
Photo by Marian Aldenitas

If what you like the most is preparing recipes, this idea is perfect for you. You can make birthday cakes, desserts for parties or for any occasion.

Personalized cakes are in demand for both children and adults. For example, a cake in the shape of a camera for a photographer’s birthday, in fact this was what we recently ordered for a friend’s birthday.

For this idea, I would like to introduce you to Marian , who makes some very nice personalized cakes. The photo above is of one of her works, a Frozen movie-themed birthday cake. If you want to see more of her work you can find her on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/marian.aldenitas 

27. Prepare food for others

Earn money preparing food
Prepare your best recipes for others

If you like to cook, you can also prepare dishes to order and earn money for it. This is possible thanks to the collaborative kitchen.

On websites like eatwith or compartoplato , you can find your next customers.

Where can I sell my crafts?

To get some income from your crafts to sell, you have different options, either online or in physical stores.

Among the most prominent web pages on the Internet for its popularity and ease of use, you can find:


This website allows you to open your own store on its platform totally free, and it is very simple.

All you need to do is create an Etsy account , set your shop location and currency. And add some more information about your store: assign the name, create an ad, establish a payment method and the billing method. And that’s it!!

Once you have your store, you will have three basic selling fees :

  • For publishing an ad: €0.19. The duration is four months or until the item is sold.
  • The transaction fee: 3.5% of the sale price, shipping costs are not included.
  • By the payment process through Etsy Direct Payment. A fee is applied depending on the country, it is usually 4% + €0.30. You can see more information here: https://www.etsy.com/es/help/article/2028

For you to know the rates better, you can read more information here: https://www.etsy.com/es/help/article/136?ref=us_sell

On Etsy you can sell handmade products, vintage products (more than 20 years old), and also material for making crafts.


Dawanda is a marketplace specialized in handmade products as well. You can also sell custom or refurbished items.

It is mainly aimed at the European market

Creating the store and publishing the products is free . A commission is applied to you for the sales made, of 10% of the sale value (not including shipping costs).


This marketplace offers a completely free service, there are no commissions or additional costs for registering. You will only have to pay if you want to promote your products or services and when you change your virtual money into real money.

Signing up is also very simple, and you can choose between selling as an individual or as a company, depending on which you must create a profile or a page.

Here you can sell any type of products and services, the only condition is that they are legal!

For example, you can sell clothing, home and decoration items, art, food and drinks, vintage and antiques, furniture, pet and design products, materials, stationery,…. You can also offer your services of photography, editor, …

Or if what you want is to rent your car, your bike or your apartment to tourists, you can also do it.

As for payments, they have no cost, they have an integrated system that allows secure international transactions and that are made through the virtual wallet with EZBcoins. These are transferred directly to the seller’s virtual wallet when the purchase is confirmed.

To have your EZBcoins in real money you can transfer them to your PayPal account, at this time a small commission applies.

But you can also choose other payment methods: PayPal, bank transfer or the one you agree on as a seller.

Amazon handmade

Perhaps you already know Amazon, but do you know its “ handmade ” space? Here you can find handmade products from different artisans from different parts of the world.

Selling your creations on Amazon may seem more complicated than on other websites, because they are in charge of validating your registration as an artisan and they can accept or reject you. To send your request you must meet a series of rules and requirements, you will also need about 30 minutes and some images of your products. The response to your request may take 2 weeks.

Your products can be sold in eight main categories: jewelry; bag, luggage and accessories; home decoration; kitchen and dining room; stationery and party supplies; works of art and decorative material; baby; and toys and games.

They apply a 12% fee which includes payment processing, marketing and fraud protection.

Shop on Facebook

Did you know that on Facebook you can sell your products?

You can add a store to your page and through it sell directly to your customers, it is free and you will not be charged commissions for the sales you get. You can include the number of products you want as long as they are not digital products or services.

The possibility of adding a store will vary depending on the country. If you want to know more you can click here .


The last of our online stores to sell handicrafts, but not the least, is Artesanum .

There are two rates to sell:

  • Basic Plan: totally free and unlimited.
  • PRO Plan: In this plan you will have a prominent ad promotion in your broadcast channels, and the commission of 5% , and the best thing  , you only pay if you sell!

What I liked most about Artesanum is that it is a social project and it is committed to donating all its profits to projects related to crafts.

Your own online store

If your idea is to have your own online space, where you can directly sell your creations, then you must create your own website.

This option is somewhat more complicated than the ones I mentioned before, but it is a way to consolidate yourself as a brand.

If you don’t have computer skills to create an online store from scratch, you can be calm because there are platforms like Wix that offer you to create your website in minutes. You don’t need to be an expert in design or programming, since they offer you templates that you can edit according to your preferences. All this in a simple way, and in a short time you will have your online store with a very professional image.

Traditional shops and events

In addition to these online stores, you can also propose your crafts to sell in a traditional way: in physical stores and events. For example:

  • In the markets of your city, your town or your neighborhood. You just have to find out the requirements to set up your craft stand and launch yourself into it.
  • At the handmade shops in your city, you can sell your creations directly to them at a lower price and sell them in bulk. You can also suggest that they rent you part of their shop window to display your crafts.
  • In showrooms , they are spaces where you can display and promote your products to buyers. These events have become very popular in recent years, and it is a perfect opportunity to make yourself known and sell your products.

Crafts not your thing?

Don’t worry, there are other ways to earn money for you and for anyone who wants to supplement their income.

Here are some ideas😉

  • Paid surveys. This is a simple method and you will earn money little by little. Well, you’re not going to become a millionaire either, but… it’s a good way to start making money online. If you are in Spain, I recommend:  Toluna  (I tell you more here ) and also i-Say . Other pages such as: LifePoints and also Toluna are available for some Latin American countries and for the United States. You have more details in this article .
  • Use applications to earn money with the mobile. There are apps that pay you for small tasks, for example GiftHunterClub . The payments are not high but it is a good idea to use it when you have to wait for the bus, or your turn at the doctor,… Here you will find other apps .
  • See advertisements. Without any mystery, it is about watching advertising videos and getting paid for it, I recommend  Neobux . You can take a look at this article for  more information .
  • Share your house or your apartment . If you have a spare room in your home or are going on vacation, post your listing on Airbnb to share with others. Click here to find out how much you could earn.
  • Give private lessons . Share your knowledge and experience with other people and earn some extra money. In  this article  I tell you about this idea to earn extra money.
  • Sell ​​your photos online.  If your passion is photography, this idea is perfect for you.
  • Create and sell infoproducts . what is passive income? where do i sell them? Who do I sell them to? How do I generate income?  … You will find the answers to these and more questions in Agustín Grau’s course: “Create infoproducts and generate passive income”. You will learn everything in a clear and simple way. 
  • Earn money online. More ideas to generate extra income using the Internet .
  • …. and more ideas here: 52 ideas to make money .
  • Do not forget that in addition to winning, ideas to save money are also important and that will allow you to always have a safety cushion for unforeseen events.


Earning money from home making crafts to sell is available to everyone (or almost everyone). I’m going to be honest, it’s not easy and you’re not going to  become a millionaire with a single creation, your sales are going to grow little by little as people get to know you. You must be patient and constant. Handmade products are highly valued and if they are original and personalized even more so.

So, have you been encouraged by any of the ideas that I have proposed? Leave me your doubts, comments or tell me about your experience below🙂

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