101 Reasons to be Grateful in 2022

We all know that 2022 has not been an ordinary year. On the contrary. The recent months have been a huge physical and mental survival challenge for most of us.

The constant bombardment of the news regarding the pandemic, the coming and going of people, coupled with the ups and downs of the economies caused by the eagerness of governments to preserve health, make this a year like no other.

However, if you’re reading this, it’s because you’ve come this far.

And for those who have followed me for some time, they know that I have always been a preacher of gratitude.

I have always motivated people to give thanks, even in the most adverse situations, because ultimately just being grateful makes us stronger than the problem and empowers us for good business.

That is why today more than ever, in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of the festivities, I try to look back at the path I have traveled and find reasons that make me feel grateful.

So this year I have set out to find at least one hundred and one reasons to give thanks. 

Why a hundred and one?  

Because finding them motivates me to open my eyes, scrutinize my interior and appreciate all the blessings that life has given me this year.

Because if I manage to find at least one hundred and one more, I know that I will be able to humbly start a new year of challenges, projects and undertakings.

So today I present to you my…


1. I arrived alive
2. I arrived healthy
3. I can breathe
4. My whole family is with me
5. I did not know hospitals this year
6. My children are healthy
7. My wife looks beautiful and radiant
8. My problems did not defeat me
9 Nobody chases me (I love this one!)
10. Life smiles at me
11. I have seen the sun rise in the morning
12. I have enjoyed the heat
13. I have enjoyed the cold and the rain
14. I have friends who still call me
15. There are many who remind me
16. I have positively influenced many people
17. I have grown as a person
18. I have learned a thousand new things
19. I have invested in my health
20. I have eaten without excesses
21. I have laughed many times
22. I have missed someone 
23. I watched excellent series this year
24. I was able to hold hands with my wife
25. I was able to enjoy the smile of my children
26. My dog ​​still wags his tail when he sees me
27. I wrote, wrote and enjoyed each letter
28. I made good sales
29. I read, read and tasted each line
30. I shared with good friends
31. I overcame some fears
32. God gave me beautiful days
33. I traveled
34. I came back from a trip
35. I dreamed like never before
36. I want to live
37. I helped others
38. I can see the sky
39. I can still enjoy the stars
40. I listened to God in the wind
41. I like what I do and I enjoy it
42. I met wonderful people
43. I have strength
44. I cried sometimes
45. I loved and was loved
46. Draw your face in my memory
47. My children they have a job
48. I have an amazing life partner
49. I listened to great people
50. I walked without fainting
51. I made mistakes
52. I learned from them
53. I said a thousand words, some of them too many
54. I was silent sometimes
55. I wrote a book
56 I participated in a literature contest
57. I didn’t win, but I enjoyed it
58. I ate delicious food
59. I turned a year older
60. I had coffee with my best friends
61. I was not cold
62. I was not hungry
63. I still enjoy the moments of solitude
64. I continue to believe in people
65. I continue to dream of the best
66. I have a home that awaits me
67. I am a better person than yesterday
68. I can smile
69. I can give a hug
70. I cried out to God and he listened to me
71 I was also wrong
72 I did not give up
73 I enjoyed my wife’s kiss
74 My children respect me
75 My children have not walked in bad steps
76 God has not been forgotten me
77 I counted the minutes
78 I sang a thousand songs
79 I traveled many kilometers
80 I asked myself so many questions
81 I found some answers
82 I made decisions
83 I invested in my education
84 I improved some habits
85 I read a good book
86 The waves of the sea enveloped
me 87 God delivered me from evil
88 I was forgiven
89 I had a new beginning
90 I took risks
91 I made important changes
92 I burned some boats (not literal 😉
93 I got back on track
94 I fought for a dream
95 I believe in myself
96 I had bread on my table
97 I had the strength to work
98 I have faith
99 I didn’t die
100 I didn’t get sick
101 God didn’t forget me

Without further ado, I conclude that despite everything this has been a great year and I know that the next one will be much better.

I invite you to do a similar exercise and do your 101 reasons to be grateful.

Have an excellent year 2022, full of blessings and if you can, share this message.

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