I want to start a business, but I don’t know what…

There are many people who constantly write to us because they want to start a business but need to find the best business ideas.

Surely you are also looking for inspiration and for this reason, this is our most up-to-date selection of 100 business ideas that will surely help you take the first step towards building something of your own.


Product merchandising is ideal for someone starting a business since you don’t have to make anything up front. It all starts by looking for wholesalers to acquire certain products at a good price and distribute them in detail, thus obtaining a profit margin per sale.

1. Purchase and sale of used or second-hand items
2. Sell by catalog
3. Sporting goods store
4. Perfume sales business
5. Used tire


Food has always been an excellent business, but like any venture, it requires you to investigate whether your product will be accepted and measure the market to set the prices of your food well.

7. Sells home-delivered lunches in executive sectors
8. Makes and sells artisan sweets
9. Offers pastries and desserts for occasions by request
10. Sells ice cream and slush
11. Sets up a sale of smoothies and diet and nutritional drinks
12. Sells ceviche the weekends
13. Buy a healthy food franchise
14. Sell delicious baked potatoes. Different recipes.
15. Farms for chickens, shrimp, snails, etc.
15. Making and selling chocolate houses


The training of people is in constant demand and if you have the skills to do so, then you will have a huge opportunity to generate extra income on your hands. Start your business plan and here are the business ideas:

16. Offer defensive driving courses for companies
17. Teach English language courses for schoolchildren
18. Teach Internet courses for seniors
19. Create pictures with motivational motifs and sell them
20. Makeup courses at home
21. Create your own digital courses and sell them online
22. Children’s soccer academy

The manufacture of products is another edge of entrepreneurship that allows you to take advantage of your knowledge and experience as a producer to create attractive products that other entrepreneurs can market.

23. Making industrial uniforms
24. Making and selling aromatic and decorative candles
25. Selling flower arrangements at home
26. Making and selling fine jewelry
27. Making your own cleaning products 


Technology represents innumerable opportunities to undertake. 

27. Sale of GPS trackers for vehicle location
28. Sale and installation of solar cells for power generation


If you don’t have a lot of money to start a business, then consider something related to services. Your main input: labor and what you know how to do well.

For this kind of business it is ideal that you sell yourself very well since your main product is yourself. Create your brand, a logo and everything you need to professionally promote your services.

29. Set up your car wash business
30. Work as a virtual secretary from home
31. Entertain children’s parties
32. Create your own show to promote in shopping centers
33. Pool cleaning
34. Fill ink cartridges for printers
35. Cleaning of decorative fountains
36. Provide executive taxi service (private)
37. Translate documents
38. Offer laundry service from your home
39. Create your errand and courier company for offices
40. Offer school bus service for small schools
41. Courts , hairstyles and nails at home
42. Promotion and sales services to real estate
agents 43. Window cleaning service for houses and buildings
44. Paperwork agency: taxes, automobiles, payments, etc.
45. Sale and repair of bicycles
46. Appliance repair service
47. Development of models for real estate


Many things can be rented. This is how we have exposed it in this post . But if you want more ideas, here they are.

48. Rental of inflatable games and bouncers
49. Rental of gunboats per hour for presentations at universities

50. Offer freight service for removals
51. Start a taxi business with UBER
52. Sell advertising on your car per month


53. Put together your musical group and liven up parties and events
54. Magician and/or clown service for children’s parties
55. Become an event organizer


56. Offers grooming services for dogs
57. Sells clothes for pets
58. Manufacture of houses for pets (fabric, wood, plastic, etc.)
59. Dog grooming
60. Restaurants for dogs and cats


An experiment carried out on a group of elementary and high school students provides a list of interesting, creative and crazy ideas that could become big businesses.

The exercise, which lasted 90 minutes, basically asked the young people what product they would like to invent? or what business they would like to start. Some answers are more than surprising:

61. Underwater restaurant
62. Chairs with tray, built-in radio and pop-corn bowl and massager
63. Microwave for cooling
64. Folding hammock for the trunk of the car
65. Oxygen tanks for the dogs and cats can go diving
66. Trash can with scent inhibitor
67. Ear-worn electronic translator
68. Braille computer translator for the blind
70. Supermarket-type grocery store with fitness area
71. Candy theme park
72. Educational programs for the visually impaired
73. Sonar for the blind
74. Drink machine that talks
75. Water dispenser for the animals for when the family is away for a few days
76. An online store where you can customize clothes and have them shipped to you
77. An educational game console for kids that are really fun
78. New brand of cola
79. Interchangeable shoes
80. Infinite pens that never run out of ink
81. New type of fuel
82. Voice-activated radio or TV
83. Home with voice-activated functions
84. Hydrogen-powered cars
85. Wrinkle
remover 86. Endless bottle of soda
87. Reversible Backpacks
88. Wireless TV Headphones
89. Hair Color Shampoo
90. Textbooks Built into Desks
91. Automatic Dog Food Dispenser
92. Remote Control Lawn Mower
93. Washer Dryer Combo
94. Drops to change eye color
95. Cat food vending machines
96. Clock with MP3 player
97. Toothbrush with toothpaste on it
98. Color changing sun shirt
99. Voice controlled air conditioning systems
100. Radios and shower phones


 Of course, we know that an idea is just a small spark because it takes a lot of work to execute it and turn it into a real business.

There are several steps to follow. From getting money to start, to learning how to promote yourself and make your products or services known. 

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