Video Maker Apps: Hello friends, in today’s article we are going to tell you about video making apps (Video Maker Apps) from which you can create professional videos from your phone and your YouTube channel or Facebook page. You can earn money by uploading

Often people do not open their YouTube channel because they do not have a laptop to create and edit videos! But now it is not so, now after reading this post you can make High Quality Video from your phone itself !

So if you also want to become a video creator and want to earn a lot of name and money by uploading videos in social media, then definitely watch this blog till the end!

Let us tell you that with the video making app mentioned in this article, you can create best videos for your Facebook page and YouTube channel as well as Reels for Instagram as well as YouTube Short Videos!

Since the advent of YouTube Shorts, people are liking short videos very much! Because people like to watch videos quickly! And in such a situation, if you use a laptop to make short videos, then stop!

Because from small videos to big videos, now you can make and edit well in your phone too!

Let us tell you that below we have presented all the video making apps for you after doing a lot of investigation! And added it to your list of video making apps!

So you can use them and become a professional video creator!

So let’s know one by one about the apps that create and edit videos without any delay!

31+ Money Making Apps

1). FilmoraGo – Video Maker App 2023

If you are looking for a professional video making tool then FilmoraGo is the best and easiest tool for you! Along with video editing, you can also create slideshow videos of your photos, pictures with this FilmoraGo Video Editing apps!

After editing the video, you can also trim, crop and murge your video footage with the help of filmorago! In addition to basic editing such as trimming, merging, cropping and rotating videos, filmorago also allows you to apply music to the background of the video!

Application Name FilmoraGo Video Editor & Maker
Download now on Playstore 5Cr+ Download
Star Ratings on Playstore 4.7/5 (Star)
availability Android 7.0 and up
Reviews on Playstore 6 L Tablet
Offered by GoPro
App Size 69 MB
Released On 14-Dec-2015

Along with this, you get thousands of effects, overlays, filters, animated text and transitions in this video making app to edit videos in a beautiful way! And if you like to include motion elements in making videos, then FilmoraGo App is the best Android Phone Apps for you.

2). GoPro Quik – Video Maker Video Editor App

Next comes Quik Video Editor in the list of video maker apps! You can make amazing videos by installing this app on your Android phone!

Video banane ka best app

If you want to create short videos for your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, then the Quik Video Editor app is made for you!

Application Name GoPro Quik – Video Editor
Download now on Playstore 1Cr+ Download
Star Ratings on Playstore 4.5/5 (Star)
availability Android 9 and up
Reviews on Playstore 6 L Tablet
Offered by GoPro
App Size 132 MB
Released On 12-Nov-2012

With the help of this app, you can create very beautiful short videos by combining your favorite photos and videos! And the most important thing is that professional look comes in gyi short videos made from this app.

3). KineMaster – Best Video Editor For Youtuber

Friends, you must have known the kinemaster app for sure or you must have heard about this popular Video Maker Apps at some point or the other!

Kinermaster App is considered to be the best app for making and editing videos in all smart phones! And let me tell you that many famous youtube channels still make youtube videos from kinemaster!

Live video banane wala app

So if you are also thinking of making a YouTube channel but are unable to create a channel without a computer or laptop, then quickly create a youtube channel and create a professional video from Kinemaster!

Application Name KineMaster – Video Editor
Download now on Playstore 10Cr+ Download
Star Ratings on Playstore 4.2/5 (Star)
availability Android
Reviews on Playstore 50 L Tablet
Official Developer KineMaster Corporation
App Size 56.45 MB
Released On 26-Dec-2013

You get a lot of video editing features in the Kinmaster app! Such as video editing effects, overlay, image add, and animation 3D text and more!

4). VidTrim Video Editor – Video Maker Apps 2023

VidTrim is a powerful video editing tool! With the help of this video maker app, you can create beautiful videos on your Android phone as well as edit and crop all videos!

The interface of this video creating app is very easy to use! So if you are a video creator or want to become a video creator then this VidTrim Pro App is going to be very useful for you! Because you get a lot of video editing features in it!

video banane wala photo frame

In this you can easily trim your videos and even merge new video clips! Also, in this Video Maker Apps , you have been given many features like Frame, Color Effect, Extract Audio to put it in the video!

VidTrim Pro is the best application for making videos from phone! All the other editing tools included in VidTrim – Video Editor allow you to rotate your video in any direction and a variety of fun Instagram-like filters!

Application Name VidTrim – Video Editor
Download now on Playstore 1Cr+ Download
Star Ratings on Playstore 4.1/5 (Star)
availability Android 5.0 and up
Reviews on Playstore 2 L Tablet
Offered by Goseet
App Size 36.03 MB
Released On 03-Dec-2010

Also, with its crop and fuse tool, you can do the work of Snipet any video and combine two different video clips to create a new video clip!

To download this video maker app, download it below!

5). Vizmato: Video Editor & Maker

If you want to create videos in a short amount of time, you can create great videos in just a few minutes with Vizmato: Video Editor & Maker!

In addition to creating videos, you can also professionally edit your videos with the filters, themes, music, effects and animated text available in this app!

Video banane wala apps

This is a powerful video creator app! Often people use it to make movies and crop and trim video clips! Along with this, you also get a reverse tool to play any video in reverse ie in reverse!

If you are thinking of making a video from your photos, then you can use its Slidshow Maker Tool to create a fun slideshow of all your photos!

In this video making app, you’ll find over 20 visual filters and themes to give your movie look like Old School, Haunted, Romantic, Hollywood Blockbuster and many more!

Application Name Vizmato: Video Editor & Maker
Download now on Playstore 10L+ Download
Star Ratings on Playstore 4.2/5 (Star)
availability Android 4.4 and up
Reviews on Playstore 29T Tablet
Offered by Global Delight Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
App Size 52 MB
Released On 30-Oct-2017

And the funniest thing is that in this Video Maker Apps , apart from making videos and editing videos, you can also watch videos made by people using this app!

Apart from this, you get many more features in Vizmato which are as follows!

, Video FX:

Vizmato is your very own HD video and GIF recorder! That’s why you can use filters, themes and video fx while recording in real time!

, GIF Record:

You can record the video in slow motion or fast motion to increase the engagement in your video! Also, you can also record GIF on a single click!

, Audio FX:

Along with video FX you also get audio FX in this video making app! With which you can change your voice to make baby, chipmunk, ghost and funny funny sounds! In this you get a lot of audio effects!

6). Rizzle – Best Video Editing App

Friends, if you are thinking of making short videos to apply YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels or Status in your WhatsApp, then you install Rizzle – Best Video Editing App in your phone!

Video banane wala app

In this video making app, you already get thousands of short video making templates! You can create and edit short videos by choosing any video template of your choice!

In this, you only have to upload your video and photo, after that the Rizzle App itself edits the video according to your chosen template!

That is, you can make a short video in just under 2 minutes! And you can directly upload videos from this app to your YouTube channel, Moj Application, Chingari, Instagram or MX TakaTak!

Application Name Rizzle – Short Video Maker
Download now on Playstore 5Cr+ Download
Star Ratings on Playstore 4.3/5 (Star)
availability Android 6.0 and up
Reviews on Playstore 3L Tablet
Offered by Silverlabs Technologies, Inc.
App Size 44.09 MB
Released On 29-May-2019

Along with this, let’s know more about this video making app!

Features of Ruzzle App

  • This short video maker app is 100% free.
  • About 8 thousand video templates are available for free to make short videos in the Ruzzle app.
  • In this, you can make amazing videos by combining your photos!

7) PowerDirector – Video Maker Apps 2023

You must have heard about Power Director! This is the most widely used video editing software! Almost every single video crater uses it! That’s why this application has a different hold in the video editing market since long ago!

You can edit your favorite video as you want in this video editing app! In this you get tons of video editing features, transitions and animated text!

photo banane wala video

The best part is that its user interface is also very simple and you get pro tools and thousands of effects to give a professional look to the video!

You can find out how popular this video editor is from the fact that 100 million people have downloaded this video making app from the Play Store so far! And it has a rating of 4.4 starts in the Google Play Store! Also 15 lakh people have given their reviews so far!

Application Name PowerDirector – Video Editor
Download now on Playstore 10Cr+ Download
Star Ratings on Playstore 4.4/5 (Star)
availability Android 5.0 and up
Reviews on Playstore 15L Tablet
Offered by Cyberlink Corp
App Size 81.81 MB
Released On 04-Jun-2014

You can download this app from Google Play Store! Apart from this, if you want to use Power Director in computer, then you can install Power Director software in your computer!

8). InShot – Video Maker Apps

If you’re looking for a simple and high quality video editor, InShot Video Editor is the perfect video making app for you! It’s so simple that you can create a template by editing a video once and use that template in future video editing!

Video banane wala best app

This is a pro tool in most video editing and you do not even need any kind of knowledge to do video editing in it!

Apart from this, there are many features available in Inshot App, with the help of which you can give a great professional look to your videos! After editing the video, you can directly save it to your phone’s gallery!

The Canvas Features found in it are very popular! Plus this best video maker app also lets you add music to your videos! Also you can increase or decrease the speed of the video.

The many transitions, effects, stickers, crop and filters found in this video editing app make your videos so much more attractive!

Application Name Video Editor & Maker – InShot
Download now on Playstore 50Cr+ Download
Star Ratings on Playstore 4.6/5 (Star)
availability Android 6.0 and up
Reviews on Playstore 1Cr+ Tablet
Offered by InShot Video Editor
App Size 31 MB
Released On 05-Mar-2014

And if we talk about the pro tools available with InShot Video Editor, then there are many tools available in it with which you can rotate, flip and freeze your video!

Also in this you get many colors to change the background! With which you can change the background of your video!

9). VivaCut – Video Maker Apps

VivaCut is a popular pro video editor with all the features of video editing like thousands of effects and music!

In this you get the facility to make full screen video! So whenever you think of making aesthetic films YA then funny moments ki videos with friends then use this Pro Video editor!

Video banane wala app

The best part is that you get to see multi-layer timeline, chroma key and green screen features in VivaCut! That’s why it is also considered as the Best chroma key video editor app & video background changer editor!

Along with this you can apply Keyframe Animation, Video Collage, Text, Stickers and Emoji in it!

10). WeVideo Video Editor – Video Maker 2023

WeVideo is the best video editing app for your Android phone! It’s a free app and developed for Google’s Chrome web browser!

In this you get many useful editing tools to make professional videos! And this video making app supports 22 languages!

So now capture and edit your personal life, school work and business trips with ease in WeVideo! And you can make high-quality videos from your phone and share them directly on social media!

  • Upload photos and recorded videos you take directly from your phone to WeVideo!
  • Then arrange and trim the video clips as you like!
  • There are many animated texts available in this, so now you can add a good Text Title and Captions!
  • You can now change the entire style of the video using Trnasitions, Filters, Animations etc. in the video!
  • Now add your voiceover or a good music track to increase the quality of the video!
  • Easily save it to your gallery now! Or you can directly share to your Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or YouTube channel!


So friends, in today’s article, we told about Video Maker Apps from our phone! If you also want to upload your videos in any social media and are thinking of increasing millions of subscribers, followers, then all these apps are going to be very useful for you!

That’s why this Video Maker Apps article will be of great help to those people who cannot buy a laptop to make videos and edit any videos! So if you are also thinking of getting a laptop just for making and editing videos, then now you can save money by getting your laptop!

So friends, hope you liked this article of ours today! If you got to learn something from this blog, then please like this post and subscribe to our blog!

Thank you so much for reading this blog in its entirety!

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