10 Easy Ways To Make Money Typing Online In 2022

Today there are many ways to earn extra money from home even if you don’t have a college or high school degree.

Writing online is one of those ways that can help you generate an income for extra expenses.

If you have noticed, nowadays everything online starts with content written in text. So if you’re a good writer or are drawn to writing, why not hone that skill to make an extra $200 a week?

In this post I share at least 8 ways to earn money fast. Most focus on writing skills while others focus on some blogging and even some marketing skills.

You may have debts to pay or you are simply out of a job. This list will help you earn that $200 you need to supplement your budget (or more).

Now when I say fast I don’t mean immediately . I clarify this because some of these methods are faster than others, but if you remember your parents working and earning a check month to month for years, then you will understand that making money online is really fast even if it takes a few months.


1. Start a blog

I have been a blogger for 10 years and I even have more than one blog and believe me, it is possible and very profitable. That is why I put this as the first way to generate income online.

If you are not sure what a blog is and how it can be monetized, let me tell you that it is a platform to express your thoughts and knowledge online.

Everything I’m going to talk about below probably won’t happen unless you start a blog.

Your blog will serve to market services, position your own personal brand and/or to sell different digital products.

I’ll explain it in each step below but for now think of your blog as the online platform to launch different monetization strategies and build your freelance writing business online.

2. Get paid to write as a guest

Another quick and easy way to monetize your writing skills is by getting paid as a guest writer on other blogs.

To do this, you write articles that you publish on other people’s blogs on different topics. There are hundreds of contributing blogs that pay for good quality content.

This is a good option if you don’t want to have your own blog and deal with all the constant optimization skills but just write for a third party that pays you for your knowledge.

How do you find places that pay as a guest?

In fact there are many sites that pay for content. You can google the term to find them. Once you find one of your interest make sure to read their blog content and understand their writing style to tune in to them and apply as a guest author.

Once the owner accepts your submission they will also inform you about their payment procedures.

Some blogs for example only pay for the traffic generated. Hence, if the publication receives many visits, then it is paid proportionally. Other sites instead pay for the article (or post) but may take a little time to pay.

In real life magazines, newspapers and other print publications have longer payment cycles so this is quite normal.

3. Explore and ask around you

Another easy and practical way to start generating income is simply by asking people close to you. You will find that many friends and family often need help with different writing options:

  • CVs
  • Thesis
  • Electronic newsletters
  • Adverts
  • event invitations

If you ask the parents of your children’s classmates or their teachers, you will surely find some opportunities for jobs as a freelance writer.

4. Affiliate Marketing

I normally use affiliate marketing on this blog and on my other blogs.

If you don’t know what it is, affiliate marketing is a method of promoting a product, service or tool to your blog’s audience. Normally you get a link to promote digital products that someone else designed and you put that link on your blog or on your social networks.

Once someone clicks on the promotion link and buys, you get a commission.

An easy way to start generating income with this method is by doing affiliate marketing on Amazon. They have thousands of products that you can promote on your blog. You would be surprised at the amount of commissions that can be earned using this method.

5. Contact other writers

What to do if you don’t have freelance writing jobs yet? Well, why not contact other freelance writers with more experience?

It is very possible that they are overloaded with work and need to outsource to someone like you.

These writers will also help you with your writing skills and style. So you will get double benefit because in addition to a pay you will also have a kind of coaching from someone with experience.

In any case, you must conceive of this business as a non-competitive industry. In fact, many bloggers and freelancers will be the ones who will help you the most to earn money online.

6. Provide other services

Do you already have a writing services client? Then you have an opportunity to offer some additional services.

For example:

  • virtual assistant
  • Community Manager
  • Content creator at RS
  • Email Marketing
  • Publisher on Instagram
  • video editing

The list could go on but the important thing is to promote another additional service that you can market. And if you already have the trust of a first client, they will surely be more open to considering you.

7. Own advertising on your blog

Another easy way to generate more income per month is through your own advertising on your blog. This strategy is based on the traffic of visitors to your blog and in order to monetize it you will need no less than 25,000 monthly sessions.

Advertising managers like Mediavine or Google Adsense are excellent for generating additional income.

Of course, to generate those 25,000 sessions per month on your blog, you will need to write good quality content and learn about SEO to attract more traffic every day.

8. Offer video tutorials

In 2022 the thing is video marketing. More and more companies and bloggers are using videos to promote their products or services.

Why? Because people have short attention spans, and video is a great medium for packing a lot of information into one easy-to-digest format.

So something you can offer is video tutorials for entrepreneurs or even other bloggers. You will need some equipment to do a good video marketing job but little by little you will achieve it.

And of course, part of the secret of a good video is the script, the written part that makes up the script of who is speaking and that is your specialty.

 More and more companies and bloggers are using videos to promote their products or services.

9. Create your e-book

You might be thinking: wait, is this a quick way to make money?

Well, I assure you yes. Many bloggers can create eBooks or print books in 30 days or less. That’s pretty fast.

Of course, you can market your book on Amazon and promote it on your blog. It’s the perfect way to get paid for your writing!

Writing a book or e-book doesn’t have to take a lot of time either.
Give yourself 30 days to write a book and then publish it yourself!

10. Make sponsored content

Another method that the most successful bloggers use to make money quickly is by making sponsored posts.

The technique consists of writing a post about a specific product for which the sponsor pays you an amount of $$. Normally they send you the photos that will accompany the post, but the secret is a good review of the product, which is convincing and eye-catching.


I know that many of you only dream of quitting your job and generating that $200 a week in cash or more.

Writing online can definitely get you there!

I have been writing for more than ten years and it is a very satisfying profession in which I earn better every day. That is why I never get tired of talking about these options because I have lived it.

I encourage you to have the freedom to enjoy life and capitalize on what we have: the Internet !

This is a good time to sit down and make a plan for this journey. It doesn’t matter if you’re a mom, a dad, or a college student, you’ll surely find a way to earn income doing what you love.

Your plan must be consistent. Start a blog, perfect your writing style and monetize your blog.

There are many tools and courses today, I have even taught dozens of them myself.
So if you need help on how to make money writing, subscribe on this page and I’ll be sending you more secrets to

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